End of August shows some positive signs of Covid decline…..but not out of woods.


In recent days the impact of the new coronavirus has decreased and the figures for August project that they will be lower compared to July, which was the month where the virus hit the country the hardest.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) until yesterday’s report, Tuesday, August 25, 24 thousand 552 infections accumulate in the month. Subtracting six reports to be registered, this number represents 7,154 cases less than those reported in all of July, which was 31,706.ADVERTISING

Regarding deaths, in the 31 days of July there were 790 and until yesterday the number in the month is 498.

On the other hand, yesterday the Minsa reported that only four townships registered more than 20 cases in the last hours. The highest number of new infections were caused by David (Chiriquí) with 32, Juan Demostenes Arosemena (Panama Oeste) 29, Cerro Pelado (Comarca Ngäbe Buglé) 24 and Pedregal (Panama) 23.

Since the covid-19 pandemic arrived in Panama last March, accumulated cases have reached 88,381 and deaths to 1,919.

The number of recovered patients is 62,759 and active cases are 23,703.

There are 22,150 people in home isolation, of these 21,704 remain at home and 446 are confined in so-called hospital hotels.

Meanwhile, there are 1,553 hospitalized patients, of which 1,400 are in the ward and 153 in intensive care units.

With the opening of some activities, the authorities expect a rebound in cases in the coming days.

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