Decision of USDOJ to come Friday for Martinelli brothers/ ODEBRECHT



The District Attorney for the Eastern District of New York responded to a letter dated May 13 sent by the lawyers of the brothers Luis Enrique and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares , to federal judge Raymond J. Dearie, who is leading this process.

In that letter, the Martinelli Linares brothers maintained that they provided the United States justice with all the substantial evidence before being arrested or charged with the crime of conspiracy to launder money from bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.


However, the New York Prosecutor’s Office reiterated that although the Martinelli Linares brothers provided useful information for the investigation, they did not engage in the cooperation process in good faith, ” they failed to reveal key information and ultimately tried to use his privilege, wealth and power to frustrate the investigation and avoid taking responsibility for his actions in the United States , ”indicates the document from the Prosecutor’s Office.


In that letter, the Martinelli Linares brothers also argued that the $9.5 million investment in a cell phone service company was made under the direction and for the benefit of a Panamanian government official. In this regard, the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that the accounts that the brothers used to receive and launder almost 28 million dollars were in their names, and they used those same accounts to make millionaire personal expenses and retained a significant part of those funds.


Regarding the argument that the brothers maintain that they were elected as substitute deputies of the Parlacen in 2019, the New York Prosecutor’s Office indicated that it has not seen evidence that this election was legitimate, ” the evidence that the accused did not have valid parliamentary credentials includes the fact that they lost appeals in Guatemala .”

The sentencing of the Martinelli Linares brothers will be this Friday, May 20.


Both Ricardo Alberto and his brother Luis Enrique are charged with conspiracy to launder approximately $28 million in bribe payments made by and at the direction of Odebrecht to a then-high-ranking official of the Government of Panama, who was a relative. close to the accused.

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