“Lorena Bobbit” shows up in Spain. “Let’s cut to the chase.”




A woman, accused of cutting off the penis of her ex-partner and boss in the bar where she worked, accepted this Tuesday seven years in prison and the payment of compensation of 250,000 euros to the victim for the physical and psychological consequences caused.

In a trial held in the Barcelona Court, the accused, for whom the prosecution requested ten years, reached an agreement with the private prosecution and the public prosecutor to reduce the sentence to seven years, of which she will only serve five, since She spent two years in provisional prison, in addition to paying him compensation.

The events occurred on May 31, 2021 when the victim went to one of the bars he owned in the Barcelona town of Sant Andreu de la Barca, where the aggressor worked.

The woman proposed to perform fellatio, so the man lay down on a sofa and the accused covered his eyes, proceeded to have sex and, taking advantage of the fact that he could not see anything, according to the Prosecutor’s Office brief.

At first, when questioned by the prosecutor, she did not acknowledge the facts, but later, after speaking with her defense, she did, an essential requirement to reach a sentence in accordance with the accusations.

The victim explained that on the day of the events she refused to have sexual relations with her then partner , but after the affectionate attitude of the accused, she agreed to have sex, and immediately afterwards she covered his eyes with a cloth, claiming that “she was ashamed.” , performed fellatio on him and cut off his penis.

As a result of the attack, the victim suffered a complete amputation of his penis – two centimeters from the base – and, although reimplantation was attempted in an emergency operation at the hospital, it was unsuccessful.

The victim explained that since then he has not been able to have sexual relations, he suffers from problems urinating and a lot of pain, so he is waiting for a prosthesis to help him improve his quality of life.

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