Wow, Panama plans for tourism investment with REAL groups. RFB/OGI just ask owners for more money.

Panama Tourism

The cover should just say “Panama Investment- Stay away from Joe”

Panama will develop a Tourism Investment Guide, a tool promoted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Development Bank of Latin America-CAF to promote the tourism business in the sector in the region.

This guide, which the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Paraguay and Ecuador already have, will be created by Panama with the non-reimbursable technical cooperation of CAF and the advice of the UNWTO, the regional financial entity reported this Tuesday.

It is a “manual that must contain the macroeconomic context of the country, the investment environment, the incentives for tourism investment, specifying whether there are special benefits in the case of green or blue investment or creative economies, which the tax regime must contain” , among others, explained CAF Tourism Director, Óscar Rueda García.

( No more GREEN GLOBE to opine on-  OUSTED!  Can you charge for utilities without a concession? STAY AWAY )

This guide “is a means to mainly promote foreign investment in tourism in Panama”, and must include “the projects of special interest that are sought to be financed, although obviously the initiative belongs to the investor, as long as it is framed in the tourism strategy sustainable development of the country,” added Rueda.

The head of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Denise Guillén, said that the guide will show “the 26 destinations” that the Central American country has, in addition to “updated data with other focus areas.”

The director of Tourism for the Americas of the UNWTO, Gustavo Santos, pointed out that in alliance with CAF, in addition to the Panama Tourism Investment Guide, those of Uruguay, El Salvador, Barbados, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Honduras will also be developed. .

“Our objective is that in the short term all countries in the region have their Tourism Investment Guide,” said the UNWTO official.

Watch out Mexico………

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