WARNING: Severe rain and flooding in Panama City from Electrical storms


The city of Panama woke up this Monday with heavy rains with electrical activity, temporary that is monitored by the National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc), who ask citizens to take precautions.

Up to now, floods have been recorded in Panama City, El Ingenio, El Carmen Church, Vía Porras, Tumba Muerto, Transistmica, Vía España, Vía Argentina, Paitilla, San Francisco, Obarrio, Vía Brasil, Costa del Este and surrounding areas. .

This situation left a discomfort to the citizens who reside in the city and expressed their frustration through social networks.

It should be noted that in less than an hour several points of the city were flooded.

After the heavy rains several vehicles that were parked in some of the streets also ended up affected.

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