Vulnerable PANAMANIAN species added to illegal poaching concern


Case of crime against wildlife of male Pavón in Tortí is clarified

Case of crime against the wildlife of Pavón macho in Tortí clarified
The male Curassow species while being captured. (Illustrative)
Thursday, September 29, 2022 – 6:50 a.m.

MiAmbiente sends explanatory note about viral video about illegal hunting of the bird known as “Pavón macho”.

The Ministry of the Environment welcomes the call of the citizens, who on this occasion through social networks denounced the commission of crimes against wildlife in the district of Tortí, in East Panama.

The video that has been circulating for three weeks was received yesterday by technicians from the Ministry of the Environment, East Panama Regional, and they established communication with the citizen, owner of private land, where this case of illegal hunting of a bird, specifically a male Curassow.

The technicians of the Ministry of the Environment recognize the existence of this private reserve, located in Higueronal Arriba corregimiento de Tortí, district of Chepo. The community’s water intake was established in this area, where a foundation bought around 600 hectares, which have regenerated naturally, becoming a forest where a large number of wild animals take refuge.

Preliminary reports show that there are people intervening in this property to carry out poaching, so the environmental portfolio coordinates actions in the area, in addition to carrying out patrols in order to avoid this scourg


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Have to post. This actually just occurred to me.

Perhaps, being an ex-pat and living here has made me obtuse over the years to something that is very clear.  Panamanians as a WHOLE,  do not speak English very well. (if at all). We have travelled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic to name a few. All have in general …

Human Interest
Added speciates to CVITERS program as conservations takes centerholf.

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Human Interest
This guy “gets it”, and there is a pathway to a solution. I would love an audience with him.

Migration flows have accompanied Panama since long before the colonial period and have been fundamental in the current sociocultural and economic construction of the country. Despite this weight in society, the Panamanian State has not had –and does not have– a coherent integration policy for migrants arriving in the country, …