US Prez Biden goes on record to NOT pardon son for drugs, hookers, and guns.

Best part of being an Ex-Pat is not getting so consumed in this type of shit. Just wondering if “Donny” would do the same for “HIS” shitbag sons.  Let’s not forget the Panamanians he fucked at the previous “Ocean Club” and GREENLAND.  
Trump sons in trouble over Zimbabwe hunt - ABC News  ( Pussy, Rich, Entitled dipshits hunting endangered species)
Biden has his campaign for re-election in the November 5 elections in his sights.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, stated this Thursday that he will not pardon his son Hunter, nor commute his sentence, after a court found him guilty of illegal possession of a firearm.

“No,” Biden responded when reporters asked him during a press conference at the G7 summit in Italy if he would commute his sentence.

“I’m not going to pardon him,” added the Democratic president, stating that he was “proud” of his son, who was found guilty this week but is still awaiting the court’s ruling on the sentence.

Biden, who has his sights set on his campaign for re-election in the November 5 elections against former Republican president Donald Trump, had already promised not to benefit his son and to “respect the judicial process.”

Hunter Biden, 54, was found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm because he lied on the documentation to acquire it in 2018, when he stated that he did not use substances.

The US president’s son, who speaks openly about his past drug problems, says he did not consider himself an addict at the time.

Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison, but is expected to receive a lighter sentence since he has no criminal record and the gun in question was not used in any crime.

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