“Una Noche de Calypso” shines at IFF Panama


Fernando Muñoz likes the music of Panama because he considers it “very rich and varied. There are very good musicians here. The calypso had seemed strange to me, since I only saw older adults playing it and it was different from everything else, so I started to get interested and investigate and I realized that behind the concept ‘calypso’ there was a huge story “.

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That led him to shoot the national documentary Una noche de calipso , which was screened at the Panama International Film Festival, today, April 10, at 8:45 pm, in room 7 of Cinépolis Multiplaza, and for free April 21, at 7:30 pm, in Altos de los Lagos, in Colón.

This documentary, which won the Audience K Magazine Award from La Prensa for the best documentary, focuses on the Amistad collective .

It all started when he heard teachers Leslie George and Lord Panama singing in 2009. Years later he met both at the Afro-Antillean Museum, from there they went to Café Balboa and told him that they played for El Cangrejo, every Friday, with the Friendship Group .

“There is that I know the other members of the group. I frequented those touches for a year to win their trust. They were always very kind. Ramón, Ringin Bell, Palmer, Edward, Victor, Yamilka and Polito. They always had a good predisposition, “he recalls.

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