Tough year for Zulay as she faces expulsion from the PRD.


Things have taken a turn for the once shining young star of Panamanian politics.

They do! This is how congresswoman Zulay Rodríguez and presidential candidate for free nomination responded to the claims to request her expulsion from the Democratic Revolutionary Party, a political group to which she belongs.

On Monday, September 4, the PRD attorney general, Roy Torres, reported that he is considering requesting the expulsion of Rodríguez from the party’s National Directorate on September 14, after becoming a presidential candidate for free nomination on July 31.

Given this scenario, Zulay Rodríguez told La Estrella de Panamá that she is not afraid that they will seek to expel her from the party and warned that she will defend herself, “that they do it because I am going to defend myself,” she said.

Rodríguez pointed out that this would be the fourth time that they want to remove her from the PRD. “I have voted against them in everything, if they want to remove me, let them remove me, and I am going to expose what they have been doing continuously and where they have put me from the courts, Supreme Court of Justice, and they have not done it to any other deputy; The Court has not investigated anyone, only me, quickly, and they put a prosecutor to investigate me when he does not have the powers, ”he said.

He mentioned that the party is kidnapped, that social justice, balance, and opportunities for the country have been trampled on by the PRD leadership that only thinks of their personal interests, “embezzling state resources and leaving the interests of the majority, that is, of the country”.

Former President Martín Torrijos and presidential candidate for the Popular Party will already face a process of expulsion from the PRD, after a member of the group made the request to the attorney general. Torrijos was accused of “violating two articles of the statutes of the collective.”

Likewise, he said that other similar processes will be carried out with other members of the PRD, who ran for a position of popular election for free nomination.

The PRD attorney general explained that in the case of deputy Zulay, because she was elected by popular vote, her expulsion must be requested from the members of the party’s National Directorate, and if they so decide, they will initiate the disciplinary process in accordance with the violation of the statute of the political collective.

Former Health Minister Rosario Turner, who is the campaign coordinator for Martín Torrijos, commented on this: “At some point the PRD leadership lost its way in terms of values ​​and the fight for ideals in search of a just homeland. Today, defending sovereignty and diversity is grounds for expulsion.

Finally, the PRD attorney general explained that in the case of Martín Torrijos, Zulay Rodríguez and other adherents could have violated article 89 of the party’s statute, which establishes as grounds for expulsion collaboration with organizations opposed to the party, or in the formation from other political parties; as well as article 169 that states that no member of this party, even if he does not participate in a primary, can be a candidate of another party or by free nomination if he does not have the authorization of the party.

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