To the “Bocas Brigade” both PRO and CON. PNO not driving the boat.

Bocas del Toro

OP ED: Steven- To the loyal contributors that seemingly keep sending stuff to “JB” (even during the holidays), I must say your resolve is admirable. In light of the fact that I, even more than he have stated, are not interested in being the new “Bocasleaks“. Already we have done way too much to help those involved.

YES– we did see the Editorial Proclamations that were printed in the papers last week. More so than that, little old PNO had that information earlier than La Prensa received it. One can decipher why I posted not ONE, but TWO article inclusions of President Cortizo stating that those on his Cabinet that are on the take will be “liquidated” according to his excellency.

I have told lawyers, papers, etc that “JB” is under no obligation to disclose what we know as to be true. This has been passed upstairs so to speak and we applaud the fact that larger papers and US attorneys are now involved. The LAW, or some Panamanian interpretation of it will prevail in this matter. That is what I hope. However, “JB” will not be “charging once more unto the breach dear friends“. Bigger people are involved now.

YES- we noticed that TWITTER was abuzz will re-tweets from a certain Panamanian politician in the National Assembly that has FAR more followers than “JB” and PNO. That is a sigh of relief for us if not anything. Even if it is not relief for a certain bearded Boilermaker that has some explaining to do.

As an officer of the court in the US, I find it elementary level laughable that people that choose to avert the system and look to abuse appointed political obligations don’t maintain better maintenance of EMAILS- MESSAGES, and TEXTS. This cache of information has been liberally sent to “JB”?!? And he true to his word, has sat on it. I am happy now that journalists, large papers, and politicians can now take this off of “JB” shoulders. James looked to help and promote dialogue. Maybe the dialogue will start NOW given that the biggest Pit Bull of the National Assembly has these people in the scope. I am not even mentioning the parties involved anymore, and will just use the moniker of “Bocas Brigade”. I don’t even want to generate the click bait.

Me personally. I will never go to Panama to do business until I can see clearly that the underhandedness that I have seen up close and personal has been addressed. James if too nice to say it, but I am crystal clarion clear that some incredibly shady acts have and ARE BEING ATTEMPTED, right now under Nito’s nose. I need to hear no further.

So please “Bocas Brigade”, look to LA PRENSA, LA ESTRELLA, the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, the US EMBASSY in PANAMA, etc for your answers. If you want to comment on issues going forward in 2020, PNO will be here to hear them and distribute them. But I am here to make sure “JB” is not rallying the troops for any side.

This dirt is ALL ABOUT TO COME OUT, and we at PNO will be anxiously seeking to see who exactly is indeed “liquidated“.

Hope all had a Merry Christmas, and look for “JB” 2019 Recap in the coming days.

Cheers to all-


I enjoy the subtext, and you are right on.
We saw it here (Panama) and wished you did run with information you were made aware of.
This Cabinet was already busted with the water generators, and the Minister we are aware of is 100% on the take.
Probably promised land or a house instead of money.
Crooked cabinet, crooked Embassy, and all are so smart as to NOT to protect transmissions.
We look to open a TWITTER also, so we can state #guiltyassin.
The papers will have no choice but to report on this.

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Bocas del Toro
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