Technology will be paramount for security of Panamanian citizens


The development of new technologies will be fundamental in the implementation of the so-called National Citizen Security Strategy (ENSC) 2017-2030 .

Designed as a State policy, the strategy will be integrated with the interagency operations center, called C5, which includes a system for the reception, attention and dispatch of emergency calls with georeferencing, high definition video surveillance towers, panic buttons, tools of citizen collaboration and video analysis.

In November 2017, Panama and Canada signed the contract for an amount of $ 20 million for the technology platform and equipment of the C5. Last March, the Budget Committee of the National Assembly approved $ 9.4 million for the creation of projects that will be part of the strategies of this center, which will be located at the headquarters of the National Police.

The plan will be premiered during the visit of Pope Francis on the occasion of  World Youth Day in January 2019, month in which the C5 will already be partially functioning. This will represent a test of fire, since it is expected that the event will be attended by at least 500 thousand pilgrims.



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