Steps being outlined for the definitive and final closing of a mining operation. Eyes open


There are minimal preservation activities that cannot be completed overnight.

The Minister of Commerce Jorge Rivera Staff presented the action plan for the orderly and definitive closure of Cobre Panamá, in order to guarantee that this process is carried out in a responsible and transparent manner, complying with the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Law 407.

Rivera Staff highlighted that Panama will be the first case in the world in which an “immediate” closure of operations at a mine has to be carried out, especially of this magnitude. It is important to mention that mine closure plans with these characteristics take approximately 2 years to prepare and up to 10 years or more to implement.

The Action Plan for the Post-Mining Transition will comprise 3 strategies: Orderly and definitive closure, defense of the State against international arbitrations, sustainable replacement of metal mining in the national GDP.

He added that in compliance with the ruling of the CSJ and Law 407 of the mining moratorium, the extraction, processing and marketing activities of the mineral have completely ended in the Minera Panamá project.

He highlighted that there are a series of minimum activities of environmental preservation and safe management of facilities that cannot be completed overnight, they must be part of the orderly closure process of the project, for which they require supplies and personnel to be carried out.

These minimum activities are required while the orderly closure plan is prepared and executed, the mining activities of extraction, processing and marketing have been completed, Rivera Staff reiterated. 

The minister highlighted that in this process they will be accompanied by suitable professionals, national and international technicians, with advice from organizations and specialists in their different fields.

In the orderly and definitive closure of the Cobre Panamá project, a temporary environmental preservation and safe management plan will be activated; environmental and mining technical audits will be developed; and the Final Ordered Closure and Post Closure Plan of the mine.

The work schedule establishes tasks that range from December 23, 2023, with the organization of the temporary phase of environmental preservation and safe management, until June 2024, with the beginning of the preparation of the Ordered Final Closure and Post Closure Plan .


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