Sony working on cooking robot to be used at home


The prototype of domestic use will be able to serve the food thanks to the use of artificial intelligence

The Japanese technology company Sony works with the American University Carnegie Mellon in the development of a home-use robot capable of cooking and serving food thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Among the skills of the potential robot would be the manipulation of ingredients, the preparation of the food -with the possibility of adjusting details such as preparation methods- and the presentation and arrangement of the dishes on the table, Sony said in a statement.

Although the project is currently focused on research and not on short-term direct marketing, the company hopes to present a prototype in the next five years, a spokesperson for the company told EFE today.

The project stems from a research and development agreement of the US subsidiary of Sony and the university on AI and robotics, which they hope will address “the potential needs of households and small businesses that seek to automate the preparation and delivery of food and do these more efficient processes “.


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