Search of prisons reveal worlds worst kept secret—“Panama jails are anything but safe”

EX-PATS-  Don’t get arrested here. Period!!!  ( unless your from MINNESOTA =-)   =-)  )
More than 500 units of the National Police participated in each of these searches.

In the current administration of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, the public security forces, in more than 250 searches carried out in penitentiary centers nationwide, managed to confiscate 386 firearms, 2,219 ammunition and more than 27 thousand dollars that were in the hands of those deprived of liberty.

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, stated that these searches through ‘Operation Armageddon’ were with the objective of maintaining social peace and peaceful coexistence within prisons.

“In these searches, 14,850 sharp objects, more than 450 drones and 10,585 cell phones were also seized. In addition, adjustments were made to the perimeter fences in joint work with the Mingob,” said the minister.

The head of Public Security stated that in this purging process, several police units were dismissed for inappropriate conduct within the penitentiaries.

More than 500 units of the National Police, the National Border Service and the National Air-Naval Service participated in each of these searches.

In addition to this, in more than 195 operations against organized groups dedicated to drug trafficking, so far this year more than 50.2 tons of drugs have been seized and more than 180 people have been arrested for this crime.

From January to date, the National Aeronaval Service has seized 34,570 packages of drugs, the National Police 12,355 and the National Border Service 3,278.

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