PNO was contacted “apparently” by Red Frog Beach.


by James “JB” Bryson

Taking a break from my new role as ref in a 13 year old Hatfield and McCoy’s like dispute, ( I did some fishing yesterday in what was one of the hottest damn days of the year. Fresh sushi on the boat, can’t beat it) and I come to find out I “apparently” received an email from Mr.Joseph Haley of RED FROG BEACH. Good thing I had the sushi, cause it was still less “fishy” than the email I received. Or should I say “phishy”?

So let me take both an OPTIMISTIC and PESSIMISTIC stance on this recent occurrence.

OPTIMISTIC: Mr.Haley did indeed accept my request to directly contact me after numerous attempts. He can openly and clearly see that PNO is posting and responding to queries from individuals and outside news agencies on a story that RED FROG BEACH has a differing opinion on and as such would like to address it openly and transparently for all PNO readers to discern for themselves. If that occurred, than I applaud your stance to defend yourselves.

PESSIMISTIC: Why am I continuing to get emails from GMAIL accounts? My 11 year old granddaughter has 2 GMAIL accounts. You can set them up in a minute and literally claim to be anyone. Mr.Joseph Haley, CEO and Principal of RED FROG BEACH does not have a corporate URL? Well, I already know that to be true because of the emails that have been forwarded to me from RED FROG BEACH owners that say it is :

In addition, you copied the “GMAIL” attorney again and I find that to be dogshit. I can reply and copy my real law firm, and why would I reply if you are copying counsel? This is not a deposition and I am not engaged in anything with you or RED FROG BEACH. So we can keep Carmen “Beetlejuice” Vicente out of any conversation, and I can keep my real counsel un-involved. Also in the request for speaking on the subject, the “Please me know” spelling error reeks of it being written by someone with broken English and NOT an educated CEO. So the jury on this email actually generating from Mr.Haley and NOT “Beetlejuice” is coming up with bullshit.

Lastly, the email asked me to place a link for a PETITION up on my site, which I 100% will NOT do. I am not being used as a shill for either side, and if I sound slanted it is because of the bullshit way that RED FROG has responded to me up to this point in time. In other words, if I don’t like you it’s because YOUR stance made it this way. Shady emails and a bullshit Cease and Desist for posting Peter McKinney’s story is WEAK.

There is OBVIOUSLY an issue here. And your point may be valid . But the manner in which you have chosen to deal with PNO on this has been suspect. Up to and including this recent e-mail.


Mr. Bryson

Panama Now Online

Via email

I am Joseph Haley, legal representative of the RED FROG Project. According to Law 22 de 29 de 2005 we hereby give notice to Panama Now Online to publish the Replica of RED FROG regarding the article titled “PanamaAmerica:RED FROG BEACH”. As required by law, Replica has to be published within the next 48 hours in the same space given to the news published today.  Please publish this story: and add a note at the bottom of the story ( this is where I refused to post petition link)

If you want the other side of the story, I would be happy to talk to you and provide actual facts and evidence  that give you the complete picture of what is really happening.   Please me know. Thank you.

Joseph Haley

President and Legal Representative

Oceans Group International Inc.  


So, PNO has posted your “email” and even included the link of your protest to PanamaAmerica. As mentioned, I will NOT promote your cause with a petition. NOR will I post one for TRES CRUCES. I think I have shown I am still pretty moderate here.

What I will conclude this post with is simple. I’m weary of the cloak and dagger Bocas del Toro back and forth bullshit. IF Mr.Joseph Haley did send me that email, please do so AGAIN from a less speculative email address and IF you want my site and my readers to hear what YOU have to say, I would be more than willing to open my platform to do so. I am JAMES BRYSON and my blog is PANAMANOWONLINE and I can be sent an email to

JB@Panamanowonline – and if that is done, I can even reply with a REAL phone number once vetted and I can assure who I am speaking with. It’s all really quite a simple process.



Aren’t you happy you don’t have to live there JB? My God everything appears to be disingenuous. You were right with Cloak and Dagger reference. From what I gather, you wrote a story about your friend who got screwed in that lawless shithole, some people read it and said how they got screwed in that lawless shithole. They sent you stories about a lawless shithole, and them somebody from the lawless shithole is now mad that someone else apparently has a case against them in said lawless shithole.
I’m never leaving Maine. SMH


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