PNO still trying to stay “isolated”. Hoping for country to re-open.


by James “JB” Bryson

As we all try to diligently navigate these strange and unprecedented times, I like I am sure the rest of you are hoping we are close to getting back to our families.

The Ex-Pat as of life is great in many ways. Quality of life. Economic benefits. The list goes on. But in the strange instances like we are seeing here all I can have my mind on is getting back to the states and making sure my family is OK.

It is on my mind from sun up to sun down. I am hopeful that we as a global community are close to seeing this happen.

It will also allow me to get my mind off of the bottom dwelling scumbags that make up this NEW and “failed promises” administration of Nito Cortizo.

All one needs to do is go back and see the amazing support that PNO gave towards Nito. I still believe the man is good. But his cabinet (which is filled and polluted with young and self motivated greedy cocksuckers are rotting hi legacy already.

The amount of shady dealing he has PROMISED and GONE ON RECORD to snuff out are not only occurring, but happening right under his nose. CARRIZO is a Cancer and MUST GO. I have more names of these American educated (where GREED was cultivated and born), to add to this list but none would surprise anyone.

The handling of aid and contracts during this pandemic is the first of many SHAMES on his administration if action is not taken.

For all still checking in, please be safe and lets hope that all can see their families sooner as opposed to later.



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