Panama “Luxury” Eco Lodging makes the list at National Geographic.


by James “JB” Bryson

Love Chiriqui…….


Panama is already listed in the Unique Lodges of the World ranking by National Geographic , a list made up of low-density luxury hotels, but with environmentally friendly features .

Worldwide there are 55 properties that have the National Geographic category, and one of the most recent is the Isla Palenque hotel , located in the Gulf of Chiriquí, which has eight cabins and a six-bedroom villa.

Hans Pfister , president of Cayuga firm, which manages Palenque Island, commented that to be considered for the listing they must offer a unique experience. In the case of the Panamanian hotel, the property does not use plastic containers and all the food is obtained from neighboring communities. “The luxury in this case is not related to the material, but to the experience and attention the visitor receives,” said Pfister, whose firm manages eight hotels in Costa Rica, of which three are included in the National ranking. Geographic .

The Gulf of Chiriquí Marine National Park was created in 1994 and is made up of more than 14,000 hectares of islands.

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