Overwhelming violence in poverty stricken Colon continues.



In Colón, 13 have been murdered so far in the month of July; ‘Topitin’ was killed in sector B. of San Pedro

The province of Colón lives weeks of terror, blood and death. So far in July they have already murdered 13 people, most of them young.

The most recent case occurred on Monday night when two hooded men with weapons in their hands murdered a young man in the B. de San Pedro sector, Cativá corregimiento, Colón province.

The violent episode occurred when Ismael Betegón González (a) ‘Topitin’, 23 years old, was sleeping in the house he shares with his father and brothers and was shot to death.

Witnesses said that the executioners arrived at the house at about 10:35 at night, knocked down the door and entered.

At that time, Topitin’s father was sitting in the living room watching television and one of the unknown men pointed a gun at him.

The other went to the room where his victim slept and unloaded the firearm on him.

After the attack, the aggressors fled towards the sector of San Pedro A.

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‘Topitin’, according to police reports, had already received death threats and it is presumed that the motive could be a rivalry between gangs.

‘Topitin’ received at least two bullets in the head and despite the fact that he was taken to the Manuel Amador Guerrero hospital, the doctors could not do anything, he arrived dead.

The deceased worked on Galeta Island doing oil spill cleanup work.

A police source reported that nothing is known about the killers.

No report has been received from the authorities regarding the latest violent acts perpetrated in the province.


So far in 2022, 47 people have been murdered in the province of Colón, according to statistics

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