Nito will go down as a “capable” President, who just did not keep his word.

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Go and read the PNO archives and see how much I postured and rallied for Nito to beat “Spock” back 5 years ago. Sure he was already an established “elitist” within Panama, but he seemed like a pragmatic man and much better than the opposing choice. As his term comes to an end, “La Estrella”, as they should, have pointed out some of the challenges his administration faced and passsed. The article will follow my prologue.  What gets me about old Nito, is he DID NOT DRAIN the swamp of the skullduggery and bullshit that his cabinet was involved in. His loyaty to Carrizo, among others, will be his undoing. This comes after he openly stated that anyone found to be “on the take” or “underhanded” within his Cabinet would be “metered” out with no exception.  That certainly has not occurred. But with my criticism, comes acknowledgment of things well done.

Sure, Varela is exposed as well as Abrego, and Fifer is back in jail. But the culture of elected officials using Panama as an ATM withstands his tenure They spend all the energy and time against the ONE MAN who has served his time, exhausted the legal system, was exonerated, and still harrassed. His sons, did substantial time in prisons in two countries, and PAID BACK monies of ill gotten gains.  Enough with Martinelli, ……look at your VP.

But the slime with his hand in the cookie jar is standing on Nito’s shoulders to look tall.

President Cortizo faced three pandemics simultaneously in the first four years of his administration, said the PRD presidential candidate, José Gabriel Carrizo.

Carrizo, made an analogy between the serious public health threat that Panama and the world experienced, the financial situation in which the government was received and the great crisis of national and global disinformation, which came to be described by some international organizations as infodemic.

He explained the exceptional conditions and full of challenges that the administration of the Panamanian State had to face and that despite this it managed to get ahead, to the point that Panama is one of the fastest growing economies in the Western Hemisphere.

“These four years have been one of the most difficult periods in the history of Panama, but thanks to a responsible government, which dedicated itself to saving lives and providing care to thousands of Panamanians throughout the country, the problems were overcome,” he added. Reed.

“The bigger the challenges, the more sustained were the efforts; we knew how to handle an emergency for which there was no manual”, and here we are enthusiastically moving forward with the commitment that characterizes us”.

He recalled how the government was criticized and condemned by its adversaries, because according to them, the President was sacrificing the economy by placing all the focus of his administration on saving people. In the end he managed to save lives and the economy at the same time. Today the life of Panamanians, stability and economic growth, are the strongest evidence.

The candidate recognized the health, cleaning, and security personnel and the thousands of PRDs, who, despite the great risk, were in the front row and fulfilled the mission.”


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