My Thanksgiving gift to fellow Ex-Pats……Common Sense.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson

Ex-Pat Denial:
As I am away from Panama City and staying in the US until after holidays, I am realizing why I felt the need to start PNO, and why I was destined to meet Marcell and Big A. 
Ex-Pat Denial. Specifically AMERICAN Ex-Pat Denial.
I see it at the airports when things don’t go perfect. I see it at cafe’s when service is slow. It is when Americans forget “Toto were not in Kansas anymore“. American’s are so used to things going right, they are often ill equipped to deal when things go wrong.And things do go wrong.I have seen it first hand.
Let’s face it, nobody likes to learn they have been swindled or taken advantage of. There is a big huge humble pill that needs to be swallowed. Nothing can occur until you first recognize you have been SCREWED.
But the Ex-Pat American Denial seeps in and you are fooled to believe the way you would manage this situation say back in Ohio, means absolutely NOTHING in your new home. You have not accepted you are a “Mark” and have been had.So what do you do,……..,..?…the same thing you would do if you were arguing with your neighbor back in Cleveland. You go down the same path.Your playing US rules in a foreign land.  And the US rules mean DICK!!.
Being back here for a month now, it is crystal clear.

I am often called to wonder how many of you have made your money to come to the shores of Panama. Was it gifted, or did you have to work your ass off for it? Most behave like the latter.

Big A told me a story recently where a woman from Texas lost $80K on a piece of land she thought was hers, and she actually thanked him. The old find a local indigenous Panamanian and have them squat in a shack. A super old, yet alarmingly still effective way of fucking ex-pats that are absentee landlords away from their dream of island paradise for retirement. She stated to him “It was “I” who lost the $80K, it was “You” that saved me $180K more”.

We know of a huge scam being proliferated against Americans and yet they incorrectly think, almost to the point of being brash, that some joint American and Panamanian LEGAL alliance is going to save them.

“NO”!!!! And your clueless to think it ever will. Let me know when you stumble into an honest Panamanian real estate attorney, as it will be the FIRST. Until this group of people learn how to play in the deep end of the pool they will continue to be fleeced.

Wealthy and rich, does not equate to rational and smart. We have shared some things with a few people we trust, and hope they see the light. But until there is a united realization among all the damaged and aggrieved, the circus show of “Steal from the Gringo” will go on.

Step right up, step right up.



JB so glad to see you back writing. We’ve missed you sooo much. Can’t wait to see you back at Cafe Unido in San Francisco. Pat and I were just there this morning and talking about you. Be well. Un abrazo.

Hey Pam, great to hear back.
We do miss UNIDO, but not much else.
Weather here has been mostly great.

That’s gonna end when we visit Bannockburn.

Stay healthy.


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