Mining protests are pulling the country apart from within. Becoming very violent


The Attorney General’s Office detailed this Wednesday, November 8, that during the last two weeks during the protests against Law No. 406, 175 investigations have been opened for the commission of various crimes, including intentional and negligent homicide and extortion, among others. .

As a result of these investigations, 60 people have been arrested for committing the crimes of personal injury, damage to public and private property, extortion, excess of functions, abuse of authority and intentional and negligent homicide.

The entity stressed that in these cases 13 people have been sentenced to sentences ranging between 40 and 60 months in prison.

“We will remain firm in each of these cases to demand the criminal responsibility of the people linked to these events. That is why we call for reflection to the parties in conflict,” highlighted the statement from the Attorney General’s Office.

He also reiterated to citizens in general the importance of “enhancing in the democratic system the values ​​of respect and tolerance as foundations of peaceful social coexistence,” both for those who exercise the right to protest, and for those who are affected by them.

For this reason, the Attorney General’s Office continues to investigate all criminal conduct committed by those who “taking advantage of the protests or affected by them, carry out acts outside the criminal law.

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