Gaby feels recent mining ruling will strengthen Panama in 2024.

When leaving the meeting, Carrizo declared to the media that uncertainty is experienced worldwide.

The presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), José Gabriel Carrizo, met on the night of this Thursday, December 21, with leaders of his group.

When leaving the meeting, Carrizo told the media that uncertainty is experienced worldwide. “It has been a five-year period full of challenges,” he emphasized.

The vice president of the Republic also recalled that there was a pandemic and then a war in Ukraine that has had effects on the cost of fuel.

However, he emphasized that the mining issue left a positive lesson for the country, since the institutions were strengthened, which is reflected in the respect for the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice.

In addition, there is the orderly closure of the Cobre Panamá mine, in Donoso.

“These challenges undoubtedly have impactful economic consequences; we are already seeing the modification of the Gross Domestic Product,” he indicated.

He added that other challenges that the country will have are unemployment and the warning from rating agencies warning of significant economic risks.

When asked about the current socioeconomic situation in the country, Carrizo recalled that the PRD is the largest party and has caused the greatest social transformation in the country. “And that is the PRD that we are preparing to face an electoral contest for the benefit of all Panamanians,” he expressed.

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