“Marty, don’t waste your time and money!” No shot


Martín Torrijos, former President of the Republic (2004-2009), announced through his social networks that he will run for the presidential elections of the next 2024.”Our Panama is experiencing a severe crisis that cannot be hidden. Things are not going well for Panamanian families. It only takes an illness in the family, which already works miracles to educate their children and pay the mortgage, for that family move from the middle class to poverty,” he said.In his message, he highlighted problems such as poverty and crime, which threaten Panamanian families. “If we don’t do something, it will be more of the same. The PRD has also been subjected to anti-democratic practices. The party seems to have owners, today the bases are ignored; that group that dominates today is not up to the expectations. circumstances, they are not Omar’s PRD,” Torrijos said.In turn, he made it clear that his candidacy will not be linked to this political group. “My candidacy will not be within the PRD,” he stressed.In his message, he assured that he was willing to face employment problems, the situation of the Social Security Fund (CSS), the deficient health system, inequality in education, and the need to combat corruption.

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