Martinelli and Zulay team up to focus on San Miguelito before primaries.


The presidential candidate for the Realizing Goals (RM) party, Ricardo Martinelli, announced that both his party and the Alianza party will nominate the representative of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Zulay Rodríguez, for mayor of San Miguelito.

Rodríguez’s nomination for this position will also be made by the Alianza party, chaired by former deputy José “Pepe” Muñoz, a political group that maintains a coalition with Realizing Goals towards the general elections on May 5, 2024.

Martinelli, who was sitting next to Rodríguez during the announcement, said he was very happy to have the future mayor of San Miguelito at his side. Also at the main table were José Muñoz and the candidate for vice mayor for this alliance, Rubén Darío Campos, Jr.

“Together with Zulay and with other candidates from the Alliance and Realizing Goals party, and independents, with this natural alliance that the beautiful Zulay brings us today, we are going to change the district next year. We are going to have a mayor who is going to change the appearance of San Miguelito,” he indicated.

In turn, Representative Rodríguez stated that she is still PRD and that she will remain in the PRD, but exclaimed that “the PRD party is kidnapped.”

“You have seen that from day one I have been critical, I have voted against and when you express your discontent for all the reasons that we already know very well, they mount a persecution with selective justice, and I consider that here we have have to change the course of this country,” he said.

He maintained that this is a natural alliance and that he has spoken with Mr. Ricardo Martinelli and with Mr. José Muñoz and with his future vice mayor, that they have to help the district of San Miguelito

He assured that there are many projects that he knows they will do and that they will become a reality.

“You don’t remember when Nito said… yes, I’m going to do the cable car, he promised me two things, which I asked him for San Miguelito, I told him help me with the veterinary hospital like Nayib Nukele did in El Salvador and I asked him the autism center to help disabled people,” said Rodríguez, who, looking into Martinelli’s face, told her that he told her that he was going to help her with those two projects.

He spoke that among his plans is the Merca de San Miguelito, the rehabilitation of Lake Los Andes. “We already have all the projects for a greener, safer San Miguelito, with jobs and social investments.”

He pointed out that this is a joint effort, but that they are going to change the face of San Miguelito. “I know that there will be jobs, the garbage problem will be solved because there are the resources, but there is no will to do it. But after that you and I (addressing Martinelli) will have time to show all the projects” , he concluded.

Meanwhile, the president of Alianza, José Muñoz assured that his party will walk with Zulay. “The electoral offer of the Alianza party is going to work with you, it is going to go hand in hand with you house to house. We are going to look for those votes in San Miguelito because San Miguelito has to change,” said Muñoz.

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