Lots of “Good News”. then why do things feel like a shit show?



They signed a memorandum of understanding, this Thursday, September 29, at the eighth meeting of the National Energy Transition Council

The National Energy Secretariat (SNE) and Siemens Energy signed a memorandum of understanding classified as “historic”, with the purpose of promoting the Green Hydrogen initiative in Panama.

The signing of this agreement is also part of the Panamanian Energy Transition Agenda and the implementation process for compliance with the roadmap of this green initiative.

The signing took place during the eighth meeting of the National Energy Transition Council, held this Thursday in the postgraduate offices of the Technological University of Panama, which was attended by its members, and as honorary witness, Dr. Francesco La Camera, executive director of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA); and For the SNE, the memorandum was signed by the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Jorge Rivera Staff, while for Siemens Energy, Andreas Eisfelder, Business Manager of Siemens Energy Latin America, signed the memorandum. 

In a press release it was explained that with this collaborative alliance, “dialogue is promoted with actors from industry and academia to promote education, research and development of technologies for the production and transformation of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives” .

Action field

The document also details that the collaboration and assistance modalities that will be promoted will be framed within any of the following actions: 

Promote awareness and capacity building of key actors on technological advances throughout the supply chain of green hydrogen and its derivatives

Support the energy and industrial sector in the process of identifying green hydrogen initiatives and derivatives with a view to submitting it to the H2 Global initiative.

Exchange of experiences , information, knowledge of the achievements and projects associated with the approved plans for the promotion of Green Hydrogen in Panama, as part of the execution of the Energy Transition Agenda.

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Have to post. This actually just occurred to me.

Perhaps, being an ex-pat and living here has made me obtuse over the years to something that is very clear.  Panamanians as a WHOLE,  do not speak English very well. (if at all). We have travelled to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic to name a few. All have in general …

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Human Interest
This guy “gets it”, and there is a pathway to a solution. I would love an audience with him.

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