“Game of Thrones” ends historic run with a dud of a finale.


by James “JB” Bryson

Simply stated. YAWN. Very disappointed with what I waited 8 years for. Too much to comment on. I’m simply too hurt. LOL


Cries of joy, sobs, scenes of hysterics, applause: the followers of Game of Thrones lived with passion until the last second of the cult series that came to an end this Sunday after having accumulated records for eight years.

“It was much more intense than a final of the football championship,” Ewald Klautky, who works in the film industry, told AFP and attended the live broadcast of the 73rd and final episode of the series at an Irish pub in Los Angeles. Angels

About 200 people gathered there for the occasion.

It was their first “watch party” and Ewald, 52 years old and who follows the series since its beginning in 2011, still can not believe that some spectators showed themselves at times even willing to go into the hands in the middle of the tension generated by the expected end of Game of Thrones.

The last episode sealed the fate of Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa and Arya Stark, names that are already part of popular culture.

The end of this successful medieval-fantasy series on the whole planet, which tells the story of families that fight to reign in the fictional world of Westeros, unleashed the passions of the fans present at the Brennan’s pub, which even had for the occasion its own Iron Throne (emblem of power).

The establishment, in the west of Los Angeles, also served a cocktail inspired by the series: the “night king” , or “king of the night”, the great villain of the series, and which consisted of a whiskey sour with blue ice , according to assured to the AFP a fan to the drink.

Everyone had their favorites and the cries were unleashed each time one of their favorite characters faced a tragic end – or glorious – in the mounds of screens.

“Yes, yes!” Enthusiastically shouted the fans when Queen Danaerys made her triumphal entry over the ruins of the capital, an occasion that a young couple used as a pretext to embrace.

A little later, Danaerys herself died at the hands of her lover Jon Snow: the spectators enter in a state of hysteria, some get on the chairs while others are clearly dismayed.

“I will see the episode again when I’m at home, calmly, to dwell on the subtleties and music,” says Shobhana Chetri, 28.

The young woman, however, assures that she enjoyed the collective experience: “The fact of being surrounded by people who did not have the same favorites as me was interesting, it made me see things differently, and the atmosphere was fun”.

And what do you think of the outcome? “Disappointing! It was grim, but it’s something that could be expected, and that’s what we love after all!” Replied this engineer.

The last season was, in fact, the subject of strong controversy even before its final episode. Critics focused mainly on the acceleration of the pace of the HBO payment channel series , which led to hasty changes as some crucial scenes have lasted just a few minutes, after years of waiting.

The disappointment reached the point that fans launched a petition on the Change.org site to completely redo the eighth season with “competent writers”, which has been backed by more than a million signatures.

The fans who met in this pub in Los Angeles, however, seemed generally quite satisfied and recognized the difficulty of closing a saga of such magnitude without resorting to painful shortcuts or generating discontent.

The biggest criticisms focused on the character of Queen Danaerys, a strong and free woman worshiped by many of the spectators, who became a tyrant shortly before the final episode.

That did not bother however Corey Ben-David, follower of the “Mother of Dragons” and who disguised himself to participate in the party this Sunday. “Dany did what she said, her evolution is logical,” says the 34-year-old woman, who has read all of George RR Martin’s books that inspired the television series.

Those who are in different time zones from the United States even omitted the dream to see the episodes in the middle of the night, at the same time as the Americans, to avoid “spoilers” on social networks in the morning.

And, according to a poll by The Workforce Institute , some 27 million Americans anticipated that looking at this last chapter would have consequences on their working day on Monday: they will lower their productivity, they will be late or they will simply not go to their jobs.


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