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Good afternoon PANAMANOWONLINE visitors and readers. I am extremely happy to say that as I am writing this my father in law JAMES is “socially distancing” while swimming with his much loved granddaughter in the pool. Her online classes are over and it “Pops” time. Very glad to have him home after all of the psychological issues attached to COVID. We all have felt it. But I simply can’t bypass the chance to express to the few or many that read this site and his contributions, the WORK, DEDICATIONBLINDLY CARINGOPENLY HELPING and most importantly, RESPECT provided to essentially complete STRANGERS who have “SOLICITED HIM” and “CONTACTED HIM” through his site for HELP! And help he did provide. Done so against the advice of myself, and also against the wishes of his wife. He did so because he believed EX-PATS and also AMERICANS were being swindled, lied to, and being SCREWED by groups in Panama.

In the 2 years of which HE was dragged into certain discords, one thing is 100% certain.

ALL of you complainers are RIGHT! Your FEARS are real. PERIOD. The amount of information on my desk is like a tsunami. And that is exactly where it will stay…….On my desk.

We will NOT mention any of these discords. If you are readers who visit you can leave it to your own imagination. We are not providing the clickbait to any of your villians. But I will say that PNO has (17) “CONSISTENT” email contacts. People that have “CONSISTENTLY” over much time reached out to James for the better of the past 2 years. In doing so they have “CONSISTENTLY” provided him with information and claims of being stolen from and I have on record them openly asking and inquiring for HELP.

And James, in the person that he is, has obliged to listen and look into, only to be LIED to (we can prove) PROSTITUTED (we can prove) CATFISHED (already proved) THREATENED (proved, documented, and reported to US Embassy),and illegally attempted to MUZZLE . All this in the non compensated pursuit of assisting AMERICANS that are making claims of criminality to HIM on HIS site. You people ARE- HAVE BEEN– and WILL CONTINUE TO BE…..SCREWED. Of that I have no doubt. Like I said your FEARS are real. But they are YOUR FEARS and YOUR REALITY. Don’t darken our emails or comments in the future, cause I simply won’t let him care anymore. Not because he does not, but rather because based 100% on his belief and conviction of these (17) people that he felt were his “friends“, or at the very least “trusted acquaintances“, got ME involved. And by doing so I have WASTED literally OVER $100K of BILLABLE HOURS that any law firm would have assessed to this group that amounts to nothing more than people that look to complain and commiserate in chat rooms and online forums only to do NOTHING.

Yes, NOBODY is doing ANYTHING but COMPLAINING. Complaining to us, complaining among themselves, and simply just, well……”complaining”.

EDMUND BURKE stated it best:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

No words can better encapsulate the frustration I feel in this regard. For as a professional, I listened to these people that befriended James. I read the emails. I made calls to verify claims. This was done across the board in every case that was brought to him. I will not mention ANY issue or discord by name for I will not even provide the clickbait of which to give any of this any more energy.

If anger is sensed, it’s tangible and evident. I feel James was used. His site makes no money. He looks to help people. However my involvement led me to WASTE the time of my own PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES and inquire into them for help , “AGAIN” ,,,,,”AGAIN” with no compensation or emotional connection to do so. People were able to ingratiate themselves with my father in law, and I acquiesced as a result. On the mutual recommendation of two others we met through PNO, there was a contact that I had knowledge of working on a specific issue in the past. I learned so very much more in regards to other cases. Cases and issues that even included Panama. And this person,,,,,,A person that is retired. A person that has gone through personal tragedy. A person that has a sterling reputation and does not even advertise or solicit business. A person that I made contact with completely out of the blue to speak with as a professional courtesy. This person replied.

And in doing so, he was kind enough to review what I provided to him,for once again NO COMPENSATION. His reputation among lawyers, judges, the FBI and SEC is exemplary, and anything stated otherwise is completely slanderous. I have seen the work with my own eyes. HIS assessment after being made privy to what was sent in droves to PNO?……EVERY single issue he looked into regarding these PANAMA VICTIMS is 100% true and more importantly easily proven beyond reasonable doubt. He did however, after my prodding to engage, explain past cases and indictments, educate many on settlement status of past cases. I can’t opine enough on the fact that my firm used to pay this person and he was essentially working FREE for strangers, and WITH NO ENGAGEMENT facilitated. I took the brunt of that, and then James in turn took the brunt from me, as he GENUINELY trusts all of you that have contacted him. That is what is so goddamn upsetting.

So after finally convincing James to get away for a few weeks before the airports opened up, I started to answer and reply to these emails myself. To really see what these so called “friends” were after. And my final answer really confounds me……”I don’t know“.

Are you simply bored? Do you merely like chatting with a fellow Ex-Pat? Do you have so much money that you simply don’t care when people are screwing you? If that is the case,……why involve “JB”? What is the goal behind consistently asking for HELP or clarification, and then literally doing NOTHING? I have made it abundantly clear that PNO and James have ZERO indulgence to embroil into anything as there is no monetary compulsion to do so. He has answered the call to people who are claiming…. “Panama is corrupt”, “We are being lied to.”, “We are not in possession of title” “We are being stolen from”etc and so on. I am an attorney and I keep saying STOP talking to them! It’s insane NONE of you do a thing except poke, prod, inquire, and then bitch only to do nothing.

In return, “JB” has received NOTHING. No money. No compensation. Nothing but the headaches and threats I already listed above. All for people that at the end of the day are doing NOTHING about their gripes. Each day passes and the carnival of lies continues, yet the will to fight escapes everyone and only shows itself in the form of shared emails and online gripes. All of you seem like good people when spoken to. Why people have been ignored is had to fathom.I have no sympathy for a lack of constitution to fight when one is being fleeced. I do however have empathy for victims. The delineation here is, DON’T BITCH and COMPLAIN if that is the entirety of what your going to do. “JB” is not a therapist.

Does anyone know how much a bottle of JOHNNY WALKER BLUE costs? Well, if you do, any of the (17) that have blown up the inbox only to be un-responsive and borderline un-professional, feel free to send one over. Because that is what is cost me to save the face of both James and myself in light of asking others to get involved on various fronts for various problems to many people. People met face to face at a Whiskey bar in Florida and after a few glasses all was well. All see that James was just believing what was told to him, and no hard feelings were left. Sarcasm aside however, I personally am DONE. I suppose I am the one with the hard feelings. In that after 18 months of bluster, nobody was willing to confront who they were complaining about. My (17) know who you are. Each of you can proceed in any manner you want. But the way people have simply been unresponsive, dismissive, and pre-occupied after what was asked of James is truly insulting in many ways. He NEVER pursued you people. People came to him.

I have no axe to grind with any of the people I have responded to. But outside just a few people, please do not contact anyone at PNO again. My interest has ended in making sure James no longer listens to anyone going forward.

He put thousands of hours into helping others, over many different issues, and has been “Ghosted” as my 11 year old calls it. It is hard to unlearn what I have over the past 18 months, and I truly do feel bad (as James did) for people that are being victimized. Nobody, regardless of worth, likes being stolen from. But I have countless transmissions assuring James of willing and pending actions with a desire to seek justice, and now the world has gone silent. Must be due to the election. Who knows?

Over the past few years, we met up with some people in Panama that we feel are on the “right” side of things and good people. They were added to the site as a PNO endorsement. Feel free to reach out to them with our blessings.

In closing, please keep visiting the site. Jose “Josito” will have a much lighter approach to what is seen. The raging bull will be in Florida until the end of the year. We will not reply to ANY inquiries or respond to ANY emails in regards to ANY contest, legal matter, or discord in Panama. That goes from the tip of Taboga, to the bottom of Bocas. NOT INVOLVED. I will wait to read about it when the Jenga blocks fall under Nito, his crooked cabinet, and every American dollar lost investing with crooks. I don’t worry about James at ALL anymore. Those days are over. I have enough PROOF and verifiable cellular pings, What’s App messages, and straight up STUPID things put in writing that I am 100% positive of blackmail, lying, skullduggery, bribery, rackateering, fraud, falsified invoices, falsified profits, lying on taxes, and NOW sworn statements provided to us, once again….,,,,,,UNSOLICITED. “JB” could post things that would set TWITTER ON FIRE!!!!!!!! But, I have never met a more scared flock of sheep. You are sending us this shit in the hopes of “JB” posting it for you. Pushing his buttons to fight the good fight. Not gonna happen. He is not a shill like the last person that blogged for ex-pats in Panama only to double dip. “JB” will be stateside and he’s gone fishing.

If it provides any comfort, you people should know that James is a good man, and he hopes you all prevail. And from my perspective as well, as much was shared with a few of the (17). But I am afraid that ship has sailed. Trust has been compromised, covenants have been tested, and the endeavor of helping those we are not convinced want to be helped has ran it’s course. I hope you attain the proper representation and are able to pursue whatever issue you are dealing with to a positive conclusion. As VICTIMS you each deserve it.

Please don’t let the words of Edmund ring true once again. You are all in the right and should ALL “Cowboy up” and FIGHT.

Best of Luck. God bless. Be safe

Hi Steven. Love the Burke quote!!! We’ve spoken twice and so you are clear we are taking action now ourselves as previously discussed. We won’t stand by any longer. The time for talking is over it’s time to act and we are. Sorry for any time lost. With us know that we are sincere and earnest in what we are endeavoring to achieve. Thanks again. Glad to see more activity on the site post Covid.

Wait til the tax scam comes.
I thank you Steve. Personally.

People hiring US lawyers are smoking crack!
Nobody has learned a thing.

Glad we spoke JB, and thanks for keeping my role in confidence.


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