EX-PAT ALERT: Danger while hiking as woman falls to death

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A woman died on the morning of this Sunday, March 12, on Los Picachos de Olá hill, Coclé province, after being surprised by gusts of winds, falling to the precipice on the slopes of the hill.Units of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) and the Fire Department went to the place to do the rescue work; However, when going down to the point, the young woman was found without vital signs, as reported by Luis Ernesto Carles, deputy of the 2-3 circuit.

Manuel Gómez, regional director of Sinaproc de Coclé, explained that it is a young woman of approximately 30 years old and calls on the population to be careful when visiting these sites and to know the topography of the place where they are going to hike. Los Picachos is one of the most emblematic destinations in Olá, it has an elevation of 377 meters above sea level and is one of the most visited sites by hikers due to its spectacular view from the top.The hill has a medium difficulty, to be able to climb it, due to the steep area that it has on its slopes.

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