Covid is un-relenting. Every step forward sees spikes globally.


The number of new cases of Covid-19 in Panama, in the last hours, was 1,112, reported the Ministry of Health (Minsa) in the epidemiological report of this Wednesday, November 18.

With this figure, the country accumulates 149, 833 confirmed cases since the pandemic reached the country last March. Of this total, 129,755 recovered patients are registered.

To date, 9,205 tests were applied and the 1,112 cases represent a positivity of 12.1%.

Health authorities reiterated that the goal is to apply 10,000 daily tests to identify more cases and detect people who are on the streets without knowing that they carry the virus.

Regarding deaths, the Minsa registered 14 new deaths due to the new coronavirus to accumulate 2,907 and the fatality is 1.94%.

Currently active cases total 17,171. There are 16,302 people in home isolation; of that total 15,689 are at home and 613 in hotels. The hospitalized number 869; There are 711 in the ward and 158 in intensive care.

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