Cortizo signs Law 171, in a rebuke of the US stance on Roe v Wade.

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The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, signed the decree that regulates Law 171 of 2020 on Comprehensive Protection of Early Childhood and Early Childhood Development, which establishes the guidelines for the operation and operability of the Technical Secretariat for Comprehensive Care to Early Childhood.

The legal document was also signed by the Minister of Social Development, María Inés Castillo, and several ministers who participated in the Cabinet Council were present as witnesses.

“Our Government Plan is aligned with the National Strategic Plan with a State Vision “Panamá2030″, focused on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, to lay the foundations for a fairer and more supportive Panama for all,” Cortizo Cohen said.

The regulatory decree of Law 171 of 2020 on Comprehensive Protection for Early Childhood and Early Childhood Development, among the most relevant aspects, establishes the creation of the Secretariat for Early Childhood, whose structure is aligned with the System of Governance for the protection of boys and girls.

While the Technical Secretariat for Early Childhood will be attached to the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and will have among its functions, the coordination and monitoring of the Comprehensive Care Route for Early Childhood (RAIPI), through a Technical Care Committee Integral.

It establishes that the Early Childhood Comprehensive Care Route (RAIPI) will adopt the institutional name Contigo en la Infancia. This management tool will establish the articulation mechanisms in the State entities, with the participation of society, to ensure interventions, services and care with a comprehensive approach and rights to children under 8 years of age in the national territory.

The management scheme executed by the Secretariat will be made up of quality, information and evaluation subsystems, to guarantee the protection of early childhood throughout the national territory.

In addition, it seeks mechanisms for the sustainability of the With You in Early Childhood policy and establishes that the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) prepare a breakdown of the budgets assigned to each institution in the area of ​​early childhood, as well as its degree or percentage of execution. 

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