Change the name, doesn’t change the game!! Watch your back at Red Frog. Are you safe???


Well I was debating and debating with myself whether I would ever write about the Bocas del Toro debacle that is Red Frog Beach.   After spending the last 8 days in Bocas del Toro I’ve made some promises and can’t hold back any longer.   The promise I made myself and everyone close to me was anything I write regarding this absolute Narcissist Joe  “Joseph” Haley won’t exceed a page and a half.  The promises I made to other victims was I would bring to light only what could be corroborated first as fact.   So here we go!  My wife and I spent 2 nights as invited guests at Red Frog by more than one pair of Red Frog “Victims/Homeowners” and they along with my wife beat into my head that past articles were just too damn long and in hindsight it’s hard to disagree.  Before getting into the topic of this article which let’s call it “security” which can have several meanings.  I want to just preempt the article by stating for the record what an amazing place and how truly unknown to the masses Bocas del Toro really is.   We were able in our 8 days to go on two organic chocolate farm tours, have our boat surrounded by dolphins when touring Dolphin Bay, we saw more species of Birds than I’ve ever seen in one place at a time (I consider myself an extreme authority on birds and bird watching).  We walked through a bat cave, saw monkeys, explored near virgin beaches it was spectacular.  I’m not even going to get into the quality and variety of food we experienced on Isla Colón where we stayed.   We also visited two of the newest hotel properties in Bocas.  The Coralina on Isla Colon and the Nayara Resort previously known as Bocas Bali a gorgeous mangrove key.   Bocas is an absolute must see to anyone this article may reach. Now  let’s get back to the subject of security and we will of course delve into Red Frog Beach, Joe Haley, The Enjoy Group and few other pawns in this Caribbean Shell Game.  Investment security, property security, and the security of one’s personal physical security are three topics that have touched or are continuing to touch almost anyone associated with the Red Frog Beach Resort allegedly soon to change its name to the Zamia Resort.   Not to be confused with the African nation of  😂So for the sake of cutting back on my unnecessary screen time let’s get into personal security.  We’ll call this article Enjoy Group and Red Frog Beach personal security article 1 of 3.   I’ll circle back with a second short and concise piece on Investment Security as article 2 of 3 and then do the third piece which for many victims/homeowners may prove to the more terrifying of the three.   I’ll point out in article 3 actual quotes given by ex employees to me directly in terms of how they feel this place has been run from the beginning like a true organized crime ring, there words not mine.   I’ve got to say that I’m not shocked other than so many people have allowed it to carry on this long.   I’ll get into the why and how later but probably the most interesting part of all of this to me has been how many people from Joe Haley’s past have contacted PNO to share what really goes on; or went on behind the curtain there.   I’ve been contacted by people that sold the project recently, a decade ago and even nearly two decades ago totally unsolicited.   Telling me that I (JB) need to expose the people still committing these heinous acts.  So to that I say “go f@#k yourself”!  Who are you all (and it’s multiple people) that were active participants that for at least a time benefited through employment or lots, or commissions.   Why do I get the honor a third party to be the one to expose Joe for what you all say he is.  I’m not saying I don’t believe or agree wholeheartedly with you all.   But a call from any or all of you to the local field office of the FBI where you live or in Minneapolis would have a much greater effect than a blogger.   Now I can’t stand him because he attempted to manipulate me and use my website as a guided missile for his wars and once fully exposed rather than being caught and saying I’m sorry he just attempted to distort and assuage my thinking as if I were just some weak minded imperial storm trooper stationed on Tattooine that would fall for an Obi “Juan” Kenobi  Jedi Mind Trick.  Didn’t happen he insulted my site and my intelligence.

Now to not get off the topic of Security 1a.) let me preface this by stating why I have decide to re-open Pandora’s Box and I’ll tell you it’s not for the reasons one may think.  It’s not the Tres Cruces guys.   They won 🥇.  Congrats to them, I guess if you want to call a 17 year battle a victory.   A lot of scorched earth along the way but i guess congrats are in order.   I did reach out to the TC people whilst I was in Bocas but to date have not gotten a reply other than Hi JB great to hear from you!  Enjoy Bocas and send me a line when your back in Panamá.  No the reason for the article(s) is three fold.  First, and foremost as I mentioned we got to spend two nights dining last week on Red Frog as guests of a pair of homeowners.   They were lovely and the property itself is also quite lovely.   We are writing to help hopefully create enough awareness (that was the ask) to other current homeowners as to what’s happening on the ground unbeknownst to most.   Second, create enough of awareness such that the Enjoy Group who are now operating the resort meaning managing and overseeing the rentals of the individually owned villas and amenities.   Such that they take notice and act most likely in fear of being sued at a later date for being complicit in this ring.   From what I can tell using my senses while I was there they (Enjoy) appear to be looking to be paid to operate (which they are doing) and possibly waiting in the wings to move in should there ever be enough of a seismic event that they could take advantage.   If I’m right they definitely are indeed in the catbird seat with popcorn in hand.  The third reason I chose to dive back in to sound the alarm once again.  I’d rather scream beware and NOT I told you so after something dire takes place and some sort of rape, loss of life or limb occurs on that property.    So some of this is new and some of this is old but for the record none of this is in any way shape or form not accurate.  Let’s start with the infamous Red Frog Security Guards.   Soon to be Zamia Security Guards but for today it’s my understanding that they are in part homeowner funded and in part Red Frog Funded vía Joe Haley and Steven Bolton.   Not likely I’m told that those gentlemen are personally funding but through their slush funds of HOA, maintenance fees, sales deposits, electric bills etc they pay them in part is what I understood and then those same funds pay The Enjoy Group who is now managing and controlling those Green Shirted Security Guards.   Quick piece of advice for Haley, Bolton and the Pacheco Family at Enjoy Group.   Changing the name of the resort is in my opinion a great idea.   You all need a plastic surgeon to remove via Laser Therapy the “Tramp Stamp” of a tattoo which is The Red Frog Beach Resort.   It’s the equivalent of man with a Dolphin Jumping over a Rainbow 🌈 on his lower back purchased in Cancun or Tijuana after an all you can drink Booze Cruise on Spring Break.   Before any of you start attacking me I got nothing against dolphins their wonderful beautiful mammals and rainbows are amazing too so no reading into this for a deeper or more shallow meaning.  It’s just an example.   So by all means change your name.  You’ve made it toxic.   Call it what you will Zamia to me sounds horrible but you know what it’s not got all of the baggage so even Zamia is better then Red Frog Beach Resort.  But here’s some free advice and it’ll cost a lot less than a name change and rebranding a resort and all that goes with that.  How about changing the color of the polo shirts worn by your Security Guards.   The internet is literally littered with photos of now Enjoy Group managed Security Guards in those terrible Green Shirts being arrested.   And not just on Polo Beach.  They’ve been arrested in Almirante caught with illegal guns and drugs.  They’ve been caught on cámara and arrested on Polo Beach (funny to note you all have tried to rebrand and change the name to North Beach starting to see a pattern here of renaming and rebranding 🤔).  Even innocently walking into a grocery store on the way to work at Red Frog whilst being managed by The Enjoy Group for carrying an unregistered and illegal hand gun.   A crime in Panamá that carries a sentence of 10 years.  So I know Christmas is sometimes associated with Red and Green. Joe and Steve why not get a couple dozen yellow or light blue polos for the boys.  It will contrast well with the surroundings and they won’t be sneaking up on anyone or blending in with the green jungle which surrounds everything.  You’re welcome!   So now for a few examples.   To try and send a clear message to the Team.


Leo Dixon with Cecilio Miller



You’ve seen him before he’s an oldy  but a goody  we give you Cecilio Miller.   Here wielding an 8” blade trying to intimidate and run off TC workers before being tackled and hog tied by the local police and spending a night in the clink prior to Red Frog bailing him out and him coming right back to work.   The question the homeowners I was with had was who paid his lawyer?   Did he?  Or was that lawyer paid of the HOA or maintenance fees?   Where exactly do those monies go?  Is there a true and audited accounting.   I doubt Mr. Miller and Mr. Dixon who were arrested together paid the “Red Frog” lawyers themselves.   Some proof of that would be a well played hand.  Now the most recent arrest by a Red Frog Beach Security Guard that we have seen any proof of is none other than  Clarence Nathaniel James Plummer.  See the picture ABOVE of Clarence along with the gun and the police report and the three bullets that were inside the illegal revolver.  Can I just stop for a minute and say “What the F@#k is wrong with you people”!   And by you people it’s clear I mean Joe Haley, I also mean Steven Bolton and now I am also address the Pacheco Family who own and operate The Enjoy Group out of Costa Rica.   They are actually alleged to own and operate Marriott hotel and resorts.   How is it possible that you allow current and Ex Felons to be employed as security guards and carry illicit weapons.  This is beyond me.  Do I see anything wrong with on a remote island having Security Guards with guns?  Hell No!  I condone that.  I’ve got a license to carry a concealed weapon in multiple states in the US but in Panamá it’s not so easy.   If I were a homeowner I would feel better and sleep better knowing there is a licensed to carry security guard or a third party licensed security company protecting my property, family and any resort guests.  Just NOT  Clarence who with his run ins with the law or Cecilio Miller the proven double murderer.   BTW one of the wives showed me an actual police report filed against Cecilio Miller by Red Frog prior to his becoming an employee.   Where Red Frog stated he had a sordid criminal history and threatened a Red Frog worker at gun point.  If Joe or Steven or the Pacheco’s or anyone at Marriott would like to see that just hit me up in my DM’s or call or send an email.   Kind of a guarantee anyone will win a  future lawsuit if Cecilio Miller or Clarence Plummer actually do harm anyone in the future.   It makes me ask the following question?   Why doesn’t the resort and its ownership group hire real security.  Like the marina does.  I was forwarded emails from an angry homeowner he exchanged with the company that owns and operates the Marina.  They’re a large marina owner/operator out of the US called IGY.   They claim to have their own independent security (not the green shirt gang).  Maybe Enjoy should take a page out of their book especially since it’s not being paid for by them and do real background checks on security.   Shouldn’t there be some policies snd procedural manuel and background checks on every employee?   Not just the ones that are supposed to be protecting the resort and the homeowners and tourists.   Oh and also just another idea which I hope someone takes so I don’t have to write “I told you so”!   How about a few lifeguards and lifeguard stands on Red Frog Beach.  It’s well documented people have perished on that beach from drowning and rip tides.  I saw for myself signs all over the place.  A sign is great and I applaud the foresight but a sign stuck in the sand isn’t going to dig itself up and swim out to save a drowning tourist, guest or homeowners.   So this is what I promised my new friends from Red Frog in exchange for libations and good company this is being published.   Let’s see if any homeowners ring any bells, that is in my opinion the only way change will take place.   Don’t see the “Braintrust” taking any initiatives and certainly not taking my advice.  Let’s see if this article finds its way to The Enjoy Group or Marriott.  If so perhaps something will indeed happen.   So we touched on Cecilio Miller (Joe’s Haley’s Hired and convicted Murderer documented) we touched on Clarence Plummer oh yea then there was “Lipra” who was chased in a sting operation and bailed out by Red Frog but terminated a few days later after the news went public on a local news station in Bocas.   Augustin “Lipra” Rodríguez he was allegedly dealing drugs on the resort along with Mr.  Miller.   We were sent and have several taped recordings that were given to us where Mr. Miller brags about the “War” he was being payed to wage and about how amazing life was for him selling drugs on the resort using 4×4’s to cruise around and swimming in all of the pools on the resort belonging to millionaire’s.  What we can’t authenticate here at PNO is if this is really Cecilio Miller’s voice as we don’t know him.  We can state that we have been sent other videos of Mr. Murderer screaming and talking and it would seem that the recordings of him boasting of illegal acts while at work for Red Frog seem to be the exact same voice it’s quite a distinct voice he has 🤔 🧐 🤨.   Yes those are old and yes they were sent to us by you know who. So that’s gonna wrap this small piece of history.  It’s now up for all to see and use now and hopefully not in the future against those mentioned.  The hope is that steps will indeed be taken such that The resorts  homeowners, their guests and people on the beach or renting a villa can relax and enjoy without fear of getting shanked by some two or three or maybe even four time offender and convicted criminals.   I know of one instance that a situation came scarily close to what could have been an absolute disaster.   I was also told that since Red Frog was forcibly removed from Polo Beach they have indeed reduced staff but that the same “Bad Hombres” still are roaming the resortMoral of the story do things the right way.  It may cost a little more now but save a lot in the end.   Let’s see how long some of the above named convicts keep their jobs and if there are any new convicts in the future.  Wouldn’t that be something.  Hasta la próxima,“JB”

Hi JB I have nothing to hide my lawsuit still stands against Joe and Steve even if they tell court or owners that I never worked for them…I hope the Panamanian justice system is correct. I have so much stories or things I could mention but I prefer not to say till the verdict of the court. Working for red frog was the biggest mistake of my life and what they did to me and my pregnant wife at the time will be heard! Thank you for your post and this story has only started and hopefully at the end justice will be done!

I won’t post my name because everyone of the homeowners knows if you speak freely and openly about the way this place is run you’ll pay for it one way or the other. Just a note Ricardo sold me my properties plural. He was solid as an oak. I don’t hold him responsible that what I bought still hasn’t been built and likely never will be. Red Frog Beach under Joe and Steve Bolton is the Bait and Switch Beachfront Resort. They take your $$ don’t deliver and try and get you to “make a new deal”. Sad but true I believe one day it catches up to them.


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