Carrizo trying to garner favor with the working class.


Panama……..please see through this man. He is an elitist now and there is no turning back.

Hundreds of followers showed up on the grounds of the Veraguas Fair in the district of Soná, in the province of Veraguas, in support of the presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), José Gabriel Carrizo, reported his campaign team.

Partners, supporters, pre-candidates and elected authorities of the PRD, from the districts of Soná, La Mesa and Las Palmas, gave their support to the presidential candidate this Friday; while on Saturday, Carrizo visited Atalaya, Mariato, Montijo and Río de Jesús,

Carrizo indicated that he will be the next President of the Republic to serve everyone, because this country deserves that the PRD be back in government, to build the dream of Panamanians.

The pre-candidate met hours before with the pre-candidates of the 9-2 circuit (La Mesa, Las Palmas and Soná), receiving the forceful support of 95% of them; while in Atalaya, Mariato, Montijo and Río de Jesús, it has 98% support.

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