Biggest NON-NEWS/NEWS of the DAY: Venezuela and Maduro denounces sanctions against Russia.

International Relations

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Carlos Faría, has condemned this Monday from Moscow the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and has also criticized the shipment of military material to reinforce the Ukrainian Army.

“We express our solidarity (and) condemn in an important way all the large number of sanctions that have been imposed against the Russian Federation, against its people and that we see how those plans did not meet their expectations,” Faria said at a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

Faría has assured that “the Russian economy, despite all the damage that was intended to be caused, continues, with certain inconveniences, but the damage that was intended to be caused has diminished.” For the head of Venezuelan diplomacy, “in the following years, according to specialists, this will very soon disappear,” according to the recording of the press conference broadcast on social networks.

In addition, Faría has condemned the “permanent injection of military technology to maintain and intensify this conflict” and has called for satisfying the requirements and demands raised by Russia “with the aim of safeguarding the security of the Russian Federation, of its territory”.

The Venezuelan minister has also informed Lavrov of the efforts to “reactivate the dialogue table” between the government and the opposition. “It is not a secret and we all know how this need has been reiterated by the constitutional president Nicolas Maduro to rescue the dialogue so that we can continue channeled in what we are seeing at this moment: an opposition group participating in everything that is the democratic game”, I explained.

Lavrov, for his part, has condemned the US sanctions against Venezuela typical of the “Wild West”. “The actions of the United States to block the assets of sovereign countries in offshore accounts is not only brazen theft in the spirit of the Wild West, but is also a violation of the socio-economic rights of citizens,” he argued.

Consequently, Lavrov has declared that “Russia will help Venezuela to resist this pressure” and has underlined Moscow’s readiness to support the Venezuelan authorities in restoring normality inside and outside the country.

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