Back to the “brunch” thing. SIETE MARES. Thumbs Up.

Local Culture

by James “JB” Bryson

OK, so there is not a damn thing to eat in Portobelo. At least not up to the standards of what my wife and her friends wanted to eat. So after literally spending the day swimming around and looking at fish, what a better way to celebrate than by “eating them”.? ( I try to be as much as a mindful eater in my later days as possible, but I am a sucker for seafood ). I always check if the menu is procured responsibly. ( For instance, please don’t order Chilean Sea Bass. Read up on it)

Back to the “brunch”. We decided to go to a place that we have heard many great things about. SIETE MARES ( or Seven Seas to the gringos)

Check out the pics and reviews on TripAdvisor.

The key to my inner weakness is risotto, and let me tell you they do it great here. Not mushy or clumpy at all.

Not gonna do a whole Wolfgang Puck like review, just safe to say it was a very good place and I recommend it highly.



It really is good JB but my life partner and I prefer Casa de Mariscos or Segundo Muelle. If you’ve not tried them put them on your list to try. Ciao. Love the site!

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