Assembly to review charges against our shiny hypocrite.


The package of complaints that the Credentials Commission of the National Assembly sent to the office of the Attorney General, Eduardo Ulloa, contains eight complaints against former President Juan Carlos Varela, two against former Vice President Isabel De Saint Malo, and three against both.

The complaints cover alleged crimes against the public administration, omission of functions, against the personality of the State, excess of functions, environmental crimes and one for slander and insult, according to the documents prepared by the Credentials Commission to which he had access. this diary (see folders).

As La Estrella de Panamá learned, the complaints are already in Ulloa’s office and will be distributed to the corresponding prosecutors.

Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry
Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry

Former President Ricardo Martinelli filed three complaints, while some of his lawyers, in a personal capacity, did so twice.

On the other hand, two complaints are related to those affected by the diethylene glycol case, one of them was presented by the attorney for the Administration in charge, Cecilia López, against former President Juan Carlos Varela and the administrative and medical directors of the Toxicology Center, for having failed to comply with the laws that protect those affected by mass poisoning.

One more was presented by the environmentalist Donaldo Sousa, for Varela’s intention to expand the runway on Coiba Island, in Veraguas, based on a category I environmental impact study (EIA) “so that no one would find out,” according to expressed the complainant who filed the complaint on June 20, 2018. This EIA described it as unlawful for containing false information and for having failed to incorporate correct fundamental information, in breach of the legal regulations on the EIA, essential to determine the development of the project and mandatory compliance, which is an administrative and criminal offense. The complainant told ‘La Dean’ that the government’s intention was not to rehabilitate the island’s airport runway, but rather that its rehabilitation would be sufficient for larger ships and would cause damaging impacts in an area declared a World Heritage Site. The project, whose promoter was the Presidency of the Republic, was frustrated due to opposition complaints from environmentalists and the community.

Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry
Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry

The lawyer Kevin Moncada and others sued Varela for having ordered the construction of a prison in Punta Coco, located 107 km from the southern coast of Panama, facility to which eight prisoners were transferred. The action was carried out in contravention of a ruling by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that ordered the State “to adopt measures to transfer all detainees housed in said center to a place that complies with the applicable international standards for persons deprived of liberty and to refrain from transfer people deprived of liberty to this Center again ”. In addition to the previous opinion, the Supreme Court of Justice issued a ruling in favor of the detainees because Punta Coco does not meet the minimum requirements established by law.

For their part, the criminal complaints filed by former President Ricardo Martinelli against Varela are mostly related to events that occurred during the process that the former faced in the case of telephone punctures.

One is for the alleged violation of his rights while receiving treatment at the National hospital, and Martinelli denounced that he was forcibly removed against a medical diagnosis even while maintaining permits from the prison system.

Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry
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Folder 278, which includes the former president and the former vice president for alleged omission from the exercise of their functions, argues that while Martinelli was detained in the Miami prison, “at no time” did he receive attention or did they worry about his health, failing to do to ensure the integrity of nationals. He adds that the health conditions in which he was extradited, chronic diseases, were not notified to the magistrate of Guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía.

The 265, against former vice president Isabel De Saint Malo, seeks to answer for the alleged crimes of slander and libel for a tweet published by De Saint Malo in which they allegedly fool Martinelli for the commission of various crimes. The then vice president published: “I join the citizen support for @aplanells @marielaelezma in the face of an absurd lawsuit filed against them. We cannot allow the system to be abused by those who are accountable. It is an extortion campaign to intimidate communicators and authorities. ” This message was quoted by the media and public opinion, which in the opinion of the person affected, is about “reading false news” or that the reader forms negative opinions against him.

Folder 275, which Martinelli’s lawyers denounce for the alleged crimes against the internal personality of the State, is based on the events that occurred on January 2, 2019, the date on which the National Assembly was surrounded by a number of agents from the Institutional Protection, National Police and Security Council preventing access to the Assembly. “As a result of said action, the ordinary opening session of the Second Legislature of the Fifth Ordinary Period could not start at the called time” violating the autonomy of this State organ, the complaint reads.

Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry
Complaints sent by the Assembly will be distributed among prosecutors of the Public Ministry

A case of alleged crime against health and public administration (folder 278) against former President Varela and former Vice President De Saint Malo, is based on the fact that when Varela served as vice president, he allegedly “negotiated with radars (equipment to detect boats with drugs acquired during the Martinelli administration), but that after occupying the Presidency he dedicated himself to doing everything possible so that they did not work, ”reads the complaint filed by attorney Alejandro Pérez in his personal capacity. The complaint also included the secretary of the Security Council Rolando López, the deputy director of the National Police Jacinto López and the commissioner Vilcio González, because they were the ones who met with Varela to discuss the issue of the removal or destruction of the radars. .

None of the defendants responded to messages and calls made by this newspaper to know their version on the subject.

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