Aphrodisiac takes Panama to new heights in the entertainment world


In 2016 they won the Silver Gaviota of the Viña del Mar Festival


A group that has taken the name of Panama very high, is ‘Afrodisiac’, who brought in 2016 the Silver Gaviota Viña del Mar Festival to our homeland.

Many want to know more details of them so we exclusively bring you an interview, with the vocalist, Tatiana Ríos.

PLAY: How did the idea of ​​Aphrodisiac come about?

AFR: Aphrodisiac is an idea that emerged in 2014 from the mind of Miroslava Herrera: I wanted to carry out a project of rescue and sound novelty of the drums of Afro origin in Panama.

She then summoned me to talk about the idea and that this would be the last attempt I would make with music. And we first agreed to investigate the drums, listen and collect traditional songs from different regions of Panama and see how we could give these traditional tunes a more current turn, to bring it closer to the new generations.

That’s why we decided on resources such as the spoken word (rap) for example, which is a component of almost all the pieces of our first album.

We also made trips (we call them afro-expeditions) to different regions where our drums are born: Santa María de Herrera, Yaviza in Darién and Nombre de Dios in Colón, to nourish us from our roots.

READ MORE;http://elsiglo.com.pa/espectaculos/afrodisiaco-parte-cultura-panamena/24060751

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