All tired of this shit yet? Pray for Cortizo.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– Read many of my posts and you will see I have a genuine bug up my ass for these types of stories. For a number of reasons. ONE (1) – Being the frequency. Every goddamn day you see that there was somebody new that was an Assembly member, Minister in some capacity, a Judge, or as recently as a few weeks ago Presidents, that are all accused of having their hands in the country’s piggy bank. Taking a bribe, being in a payoff, granting contracts, etc and so on. As I am seeing more and more, it is something ingrained into the psyche of many people here, and especially Ex-Pats. That EVERYONE is on the take. But TWO (2) for me is, the piety and hypocritical way it seems that it is always someone going after someone because you come to later find out that those same people doing the accusing did the same shit themselves. Now this poor bastard has to wake up and see some picture of him smiling all over the web and he looks like a schmuck.

I am NOT saying that is the case here. Maybe this guy is indeed guilty of everything. But my stance is it always comes out later in the wash, that many of those judging, soon become the judged. No greater example than the relationship between Martinelli and Varela. I have been a Martinelli supporter without being married to his character as a potential opportunist, but more so due to his ability to galvanize and lead people.

Just tired of reading every day some new asshole being revealed that was on the take in 2019, by someone who be under the same microscope in 2021. Mark my words.

I am hopeful that Cortizo and his staff can do a better job of judging the judges, so that this trend can come to an end. IMHO




The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office informed that this office charged charges for the alleged commission of the crime of influence peddling to Oydén Ortega Collado , son of the former magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice Oydén Ortega Durán , and Claudia Purcait , former secretary of Ortega Durán.

  • info
    Validate evidence in case of alleged sale of ruling in the Supreme Court
    Negotiated of judgments in the Court: a judicial case and two sentences
    The anti-corruption prosecutor Thalia Palacios explained that in this case the Public Ministry was granted a term of six months to complete the investigation and that the application of precautionary measures was not requested for any of the accused.

He said that because it is an ongoing investigation, he cannot give more details, beyond the fact that it is a process for the alleged commission of the crime of influence peddling.

Judicial Branch sources revealed that the hearing was held last Monday, September 2.

The process has its genesis in a complaint lodged by the Chilean businessman César Alvarado Taylor, who accused Judge Ortega Durán’s son of having requested money in exchange for the admission to the Court of an appeal related to a lawsuit for the sale of eight farms in 2002.

Carlos Augusto Herrera, Alvarado Taylor’s lawyer, confirmed that his client was charged at the hearing.

In his complaint, Alvarado Taylor contributed to the Public Ministry the chats of the conversations held with Oydén Ortega Jr., in which he would have requested money to obtain the admission of an appeal related to a process for the sale of eight farms.

Supposedly, the strategy was that the file, which was initially in the hands of the then magistrate Harley James Mitchell, was left to Ortega Durán, and the key intervention of the interim president of the Court, Hernán De León.

Mitchell ended his 10-year term at the Court in January 2016 and Ortega Durán in March 2019.

In his complaint, Alvarado Taylor alleged that he delivered $ 40,000, of which $ 15,000 was for the admission of the appeal. He also said in the complaint that to get the ruling out in his favor they were demanding $ 250 thousand.

This complaint was filed by Alvarado Taylor before the National Assembly, but it was filed for alleged lack of evidence, so he decided to present it to the Public Ministry, so that the responsibilities of the case were established and a penalty was applied to the alleged responsible.

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