Thank You Edmund Burke- You can’t unring this RED FROG bell. Redemption is coming.



The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.”  The only change I would make to this great quote from Burke is sub “People” for “Men”. As that is what is happening. “People” are contacting ME completely unsolicited……..and I am more than happy to see this occurrence.

I feel in the past VICTIMS were suffering “RED FROG WITHDRAWAL and EXHAUSTION“. Lord knows I have and I am not even an owner. It has been a tough slog through mud as Joe Haley has managed to keep his precarious hold over this property through LIES, EMPTY PROMISES, QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOR, INTIMIDATION, SKULLDUGGERY, ALLEGED BRIBES, SORDID ACTS, and IMO- CRIMES that will be exposed to those that can make him accountable for them.

I was advised by a RED FROG victim that researched the PNO archives and let me know I have written 180 Pages of the scam that is “RED FROG” and Joe Haley and Steven Bolton. LOL- that surprised me. Especially considering what I started PNO for, and that I am not a financial victim. Fact is,,,,,,,,he just pissed me off. He entered my life with a Cease and Desist, and first blood was drawn. In the ensuing years, I have produced a PHONE BOOK worth of information which has been openly shared. Yet still he managed to keep his Jim Jones like hold over people who entrusted their retirement dreams and hard earned dollars to him. He thought I would be like a blogger he dealt with in the past,,,,,,but I can’t be cajoled or bought. Wrong guy DIPSHIT!

Well those people believing you are dropping like flies! I am honored by the fact that people are contacting me and entrusting me with their stories. And as such I have tried my level best to make these people accountable for what has transpired.

These people have endured INVALID CHARGES, WORK NOT PERFORMED, NO TITLES, PROPERTIES NOT BROKEN GROUND, CRIMINAL SECURITY FORCES, LIES ABOUT POLO BEACH, FALSE ADVERTISING, MADE UP PEOPLE, OWNERS TRAVELLING THOUSANDS OF MILES ONLY TO BE DENIED ACCESS TO THEIR OWN HOMES!!! They deserve a REAL group to run that island and operation, fully extracted and removed from ALL that is the current leadership. A term I use very loosely.

But I sense the winds of change coming. I am not typing just to type. I WILL SEE THIS THROUGH TO THE END. If for no other reason than you have got my wife to break my balls on far too many an occasion and someone is gonna pay for those experiences so help me GOD!

Bocas Brigade“, “RFB lifers“, “Victims of this compulsive liar and sociopath“,”Dysfunction Islanders” please continue to share your plight with me and I will continue to post and share what I have learned. Don’t accept loss. Don’t do nothing. Don’t continue to be a victim. GREEN GLOBE disavowed them, and now he is trying to use another group name that is still associated with GREEN GLOBE. LOL.  This will be shared with them. There is a true light of hope at the end of this for justice and an end to this saga of intimidation in the tropics.

I feel proud of the people that contacted me that has led to:  RFB and OGI losing their false claims of ownership of Polo Beach. They can no longer lie and state it is an asset. GONE 

The firing of a CONVICTED MURDERER from the Red Frog “security” staff. 

The dis-avowment and removal of Red Frog Beach from GREEN GLOBE. 

All of this accomplished with “People” who want justice and are not afraid or intimidated from a bully. Not too shabby for what an e-mailer planted from Red Frog termed as a ” little shitty blog“.  Your right Joe, nowhere near as informative as “PANAMA INSIGGITS”, which I have proven you started to try to suppress me. Next time spell check when you play games.

Like the Final battle of “Lord of the Rings“- the Hobbits, the Wizards, the Dwarves, the Trees, the Eagles, the Fairies, the Ghosts, have all awakened and are getting smart. And that weasly “Gollum” of Joe will have his day.

Here’s to you “my precious“………….YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!!  Hope you look good in ORANGE.

With Love- “JB”


PS. TAKE DOWN THE “GREEN GLOBE” . Stop trying to hide it with this “EarthGlobe” shit.   BIRTHE PELAYO- DIRECTOR and CEO of “GREEN GLOBE-a respectable brand that protects the environment, has DISAVOWED YOU. RED FROG HAS NO AFFILIATION OR APPROVAL FROM “GREEN GLOBE“.  Attention for possible future victims. Don’t believe ANYTHING from that lying group they call a a sales team. Trust me they will soon join past salespeople “begging for commissions” while Joe offers them land in lieu of payment.  If you buy at RED FROG BEACH now, you will NEVER SEE YOUR HOME BUILT!!!!  Take that and your negative balance and future lawsuit to the BANK!!!!  Just do your due dilligence and ask the current homeowners.

All good points on the above link.

My personal advice is don’t buy at all or deal with Joe Haley, Red Frog, OGI, etc.

Heed my word! You want no part of this shit.

JB you’re too funny! You actually made him look younger and better with the yellow jaundice eyes and teeth. In reality his teeth are a much darker shade of yellow in person. With an atrocious case of halitosis to pair with those brownish – yellow tic tacs he’s got for teeth. 😝

Normally, I wouldn’t attack someone physical features but he certainly deserves it and a lot more. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and the wife and I are toasting one to you and PNO right now. Cheers my friend!


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