Still no reply from RFB about contact request.


by James “JB” Bryson

Just an FYI, that I have yet to receive my request for a verifiable email or contact number after my “sketchy” contact purported to be from Mr.Joe Haley of RED FROG BEACH.

To be honest, I’m kinda over this bullshit. The more I hear and am inundated with news of this ordeal, the more I want to just head to the casino. Just the whole lot of characters that I don’t trust farther than I can toss them.

What is undeniable, is that SOMETHING is amiss with that land and development if there has been squabbling and dispute occurring for over a decade.

Just remember RFB, you took a shot at me and tried to edit content on my site just because YOU didn’t like what people were saying. Maybe you can go build a project with Maduro in Venezuela or Ortega in Nicaragua if you don’t approve of differing opinions.

So, before I go to gamble,,,,,,don’t provoke me with any dogshit threats or apparition type contact requests. If you choose to engage PNO do so with respect and not aggression. You will be provided the same courtesy in return.

And if you want to address these people that are MF’ing you to all on my site and apparently in EVERY OTHER PAPER IN PANAMA, ,,then come out of and STATE YOUR CASE.

My brief foray into Bocas del Toro, found a large society of retirees and ex pats that are living their own “Woodstock” type life there. Generally all good natured and friendly folks from my brief time visiting. I see why Buddy wanted to have a place there.

So in saying that, I’d like to be able to report on something down there that does NOT have to do with this mud slinging shit storm. PNO

Saludos- “JB”

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From JB and all the gang!!!!

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