Panama City crawling back to life as restaurants are up and operating.


With dividers and panels up…..dining sees an uptick in the city.

Four weeks after the restart of operations after being closed for more than 7 months, the Association of Restaurants and Related Products of Panama, reports that 80% of the stores are operating.

Domingo de Obaldia, president of the union, commented that sales in recent weeks have increased by 10% from 25% and 35% recorded in the first days after September 28, when the Government allowed the reactivation of the sector .

“Some stores may register higher sales volumes, but the average is 40%,” de Obaldia said.

On the other hand, it is estimated that about 1,750 stores dedicated to the sale of prepared food did not survive the quarantine decreed by the Government due to the respiratory pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

This figure represents 25% of the 7 thousand restaurants that were active before the arrival of the virus in Panama, last March.

De Obladía said that the movement of customers is still slow during the night, which causes that currently the premises register an occupancy close to 50%.

The union has high expectations with the announcement made by the Ministry of Health last Tuesday, when the end of the quarantine on Sunday was decreed.

“On Sundays families go out to eat, and we expect a rebound with the end of the quarantine, although we will also have to better manage the spaces inside the premises,” explained de Obaldia.

Inside restaurants, tables should be two meters apart.

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