More RED FROG shit, but PNO remains idle.


by James “JB” Bryson

So, TWO big pieces of news distributed in the papers about RED FROG BEACH RESORT. One was last week and another today.

In BOTH, there are stories and issues brought to light that PANAMANOWONLINE has covered openly for the entirety of 2019.

And in BOTH cases, I elected NOT to post them on my blog. But that does not mean I am not going to. Not in the slightest.

See, I’m still pretty pissed at the manner in which RED FROG BEACH tried to “BULLY” me. I mean that’s where my polite manner was lost. Feel free to see the emails and Cease and Desist that I displayed to all my readers and visitors a few weeks ago.

RED FROG BEACH RESORT were upset over some of the things that a reader sent in about his experience with them. He spoke of intimidation and dealing with what he termed as duplicitous people.


These claims seem to be substantiated in videos that show the very same aggressive activity, even in the presence of actual Federal Police, to be taking place.

So here is what we at PNO have come to. My lawyers (not from Gmail) along with my son in law, see that this pissing contest has been in place since 2006.

I was still in Chicago in 2006, so I could give a flying fuck. BUT,……..the readers and contributors to PNO brought this story to us.

In the past month I have been DELUGED, OVERWHELMED, and FLOODED with incoming files of information about RED FROG. And even in the face of their rude behavior and threats to me I have shown restraint.

THESE STORIES PUBLISHED I could have run myself. But I was hoping to receive some form of articulate response from RED FROG BEACH beyond shady emails contacts and threats. That did not then and has not as of this typing occurred.

Few more points of interest. I saw that in the past there was another “PANAMA BLOGGER” that was deeply embroiled in this issue. And in reading that entire archive over the weekend, it seemed obvious that the tenor and tone of that site was turned.

PNO will NOT be coerced or induced in any way to run a slant. I don’t give a hot squat about a 13 year old pissing contest. But I do care about FREE PRESS, ABILITY for SOMEONE TO COMPLAIN, and the ABILITY for SOMEONE TO REPLY.

So I again ask RED FROG BEACH RESORT, if all of this information I am being told is shit and all of these documents and videos I am being sent are shit, and all of these people contacting me are lying and full of shit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what is your story?

JB@Panamanowonline————-I know you have my email already however.

You know every story has two sides what you say is bunch of fucking crap and your shitty blog get 2 sides of the story and not just one and learn from it!

Would love to hear BOTH sides of the story. But the dipshits you seem to be defending won’t reply and respond with shady emails and threats. And if you don’t like my “shitty blog” Vince you can go fuck yourself. Don’t visit.

LOL- JB. I love that you reply that way JB and it was great to finally speak with you on the video call. YOU my friend have been NOTHING but open and asking RED FROG people to give their side. Let people like this guy take shots at you.
I saw you in person and I’m sure they would be kissing your ass in your face like most keyboard tough guys do.
Your not exactly tiny.

My story got you embroiled in this, and MY STORY is true. So keep asking for them to talk to you. THEY won’t!!
Keep asking to get their side…THEY won;t tell you. I don’t know thing 1 about this TRES CRUCES group, but I can tell you that RED FROG BEACH and JOE HALEY and WRIGHT THURSTON and OTHERS, screwed my family.



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