Ministry of Culture seeks to restore National Fortress Landmark.

Local Culture

The Ministry of Culture uploaded to the Panama Buy portal a public event for the restoration of the Castillo San Lorenzo del Chagres, in the province of Colón, will be restored.

This colonial fortress is part of the Monumental Complex of Portobelo and San Lorenzo, and since 2012 it has been on the list of endangered sites of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) .

According to the Minister of Culture, Carlos Aguilar , the objective of this intervention is the responsible and respectful value of a monumental space composed of buildings, gardens and an extensive archaeological site.

As part of this tender, the Ministry of Culture will carry out an inspection of the site on October 25, with companies interested in participating in the public event; while the opening act of envelope will be on November 26 of this year.

For its part, the Director of Historical Heritage, Katti Osorio, reported that the resources for this work will come from a loan made by the Inter-American Development Bank to the Ministry of Culture.

Although details of the cost of the restoration of the Castle of San Lorenzo have not been provided, the international loan contemplated about $ 25 million for the recovery and enhancement of both the historic sites of Portobelo and San Lorenzo.

Through Law 68 of 1941, the Nation’s historical monument is declared: San Lorenzo del Chagres Castle, establishing maximum protection for these Fortifications.

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