Hurts to report that we have lost a second friend to the COVID-19 back in states.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson

Every now and again when I can find a moment, PNO has been able to post upon some things during these unprecedented times. Like the “Young Scumbags” that are ruining the Republic right under the nose of Nito, who has in an an incredibly short period of time, managed to lose my confidence and support completely. He is a jellyfish that remains afraid to act on the punishments that he himself promises to those that steal fro the Republic.

But alas, every time I get some steam, we get hit with more bad news. My wife and I recently lost a second person within our circle of friends to the COVID-19 virus in the states. She was a 49 year old female that was a college friend of my wife, and in our wedding party. We are understandably crushed.

What makes this even more hard to deal with, it is that it occurred AFTER the loosening of restrictions back home, It was a very quick 8 days from onset of symptoms to a very rapid decline.

We are like many ex-pats, awaiting word as to when we can travel freely back to the US, Please visit this site for information you may find helpful.

Please readers ans contributors be safe and diligent. PNO is anxious to get back to the subjects and issues at hand.



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