Ex-Pat Struggles during COVID. One Opinion


by James “JB” Bryson

So as we are approaching 5 MONTHS of essentially home imprisonment, the term EX PAT takes on a bit of a different meaning. After 12 YEARS, and being an AMERICAN citizen, being an EX PAT has always translated to a good thing. Being away from the stresses of the US and being close enough to go back and see family.

PNO has been particularly dormant at times due to the simple fact that the mind and effort to communicate is being applied more to family. This is the LONGEST we have been away from visiting our granddaughter, and it is only by a month or so in actual time.

It is the UNCERTAINTY of knowing when we will be able to do so that makes 5 MONTHS feel like 5 YEARS. It is an awkward feeling and one that psychologically requires a clam approach to.

When we ( wife and I) feel the panic of feeling so isolated it terms of even having the “ability” to leave we are forced to view so many positives. As in… if this happened 15 years ago, it would be even more difficult. We have the same laptop I would normally post some shit about Panama with, and instead get to be on ZOOM or SKYPE and maintain some semblance of interaction. That is an INCREDIBLE gift that does not go unnoticed with us.

As we all anxiously anticipate this embargo ending, and people being able to come and go, we are trying to make the best of it like you all.

All stay safe, and go and video chat a loved one.


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