Doctors perform successful first surgery in Panama


Also the doctors of the Irma Hospital of Lourdes Tzanetatos performed a microvascularized reconstruction surgery

For seven hours the doctors of the Hospital Irma de Lourdes Tzanetatos (HILT), from Tocumen, successfully performed the first surgery in Panama for the resection of a mandibular tumor and immediate reconstruction with a microvascularized flap of Peroné, to a 17-year-old boy.

Dr. Jonathan Chanis, Oral Surgeon and Maxilo facial of the HILT said that this surgery will allow the patient to chew, swallow and appropriate language.

Yohana Palacios, mother of the 17-year-old, reported that for a year, her son was created this mandibular malformation, without symptoms. “At age 16, this tumor was detected and he realized that when chewing there was a bulge that was not normal,” he said.


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