Varela visits Chiriqui in midst of river tragedy


The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela , went to the judicial morgue of David on Wednesday, October 10, to show his solidarity in the midst of the pain to the relatives of the teacher and the young students who lost their lives on Tuesday crossing the Jacaque River , in the community of Camarón Arriba, district of Besikó, Ngäbe Buglé district .

Rescuers find the body of the teacher dragged by the river in local area
They locate corpses of students dragged by the current of river in regional zone
The incident occurred in the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 9, when an all-terrain vehicle transported the teacher Ruth Pérez and three students from the school to their homes, but they had to cross the river and were surprised by a head of water.

President Varela gave instructions to support family members in the funeral expenses, as well as for the transfer of the bodies. It was learned that the teacher will perform funeral ceremonies on Friday at the Christian Temple of the Assemblies of God, in David, province of Chiriqui.

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