UNSOLICITED reply from FORMER RED FROG hierarchy.


I have mentioned in the past that the people that are pursuing the actual actions and cases against RED FROG BEACH, OGI, etc are those that have cooperated and many have been ex-employees.  NOT Dan Cranney, who has refused multiple times to contact the forces at work and instead has chosen to hide. But FORMER employee RICARDO SEVERINI had the stones to let all know exactly what he thought of his RED FROG BEACH experience.

If you recall, JOE HALEY stated rather matter of factly that RICARDO was no longer with the corporation and they wish “him and his wife good luck on their new endeavors” or some BS boiler plate line of crap. When if fact, all the information that came our way in regards to the way his leaving was handled was anything but cordial.


Hi JB I have nothing to hide my lawsuit still stands against Joe and Steve even if they tell court or owners that I never worked for them…I hope the Panamanian justice system is correct. I have so much stories or things I could mention but I prefer not to say till the verdict of the court. Working for red frog was the biggest mistake of my life and what they did to me and my pregnant wife at the time will be heard! Thank you for your post and this story has only started and hopefully at the end justice will be done!”



Unfortunately, there are not more people like him that will stop drinking the Kool Aid and make this man and Bolton accountable in a US Court of Law.


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