To “loyal” PNO readers, and “loyal” Bocas Brigade: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR


Op Ed: James “JB” Bryson

As we bring this “challenging” year to an end, we just wanted to take a sec to thank and appreciate all of the people that visit and contribute to this site. PNO is NOT the BIGGEST EX-PAT site, and there are many that are more sophisticated. But PNO has developed “relationships” with Ex-Pats and tried very hard to be a good source of information to incoming Ex-Pats, as well as the interests of current Ex-Pats to issues in PANAMA.

2023 had many issues-  Immigration via Darien.

More “skullduggery” in Bocas.

Employment for the young Panamanians.

And winding up for an election year to boot.

As I look forward to seeing family over the holiday, I wish you and yours nothing but good wishes. Sometimes posting on this site is fun, others not so much. But I do like helping people and it does keep me busy.


Feliz navidad amigos y amigas-



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Newbies…….,was I lying? Nothing more entertaining than PANAMA politics.

A incredibly popular ex-President, who has done prison time in the US, been sent back to Panama, done prison time here. Won Mayoral race while incarcerated. Has had two sons do prision time in Guatemala and US. Family owns the equivalent of the nation’s WAL MART, is exonerated on charges. …

Get ready for a bloodbath election year. Gloves are off with these people.

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