Prosecution continues ramp up against Mossack Fonseca


Seven other people were investigated and investigated by the Second Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime, which accused them of the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering in the investigation that seeks to establish the possible nexuses of the Mossack Fonseca (MF) firm and the management of money “of illicit origin” from Brazil, a case known as Lava Jato.

The accused were taken from early morning hours yesterday to the Avesa building, headquarters of the prosecution, on via Spain.

At midday, part of the team of lawyers of the MF firm referred to the proceedings carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP).

Claudio Francis McDonald said that the people driven “served as directors of several corporations that Mossack Fonseca carried out.”

He reported that from 5:30 am personnel of the prosecution went to the residences of former workers of the MF firm, to conduct them and also inform them that they charged them with the alleged commission for the crime of money laundering.


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