PNO is working on a (3) part expose on the TRAGEDY that is RED FROG BEACH.


I mentioned to my loyal and regular group of readers both in the US and Panama, that I would be visiting Bocas del Toro. A group of (4) of us made the trip that culminated on Tuesday. However it became to be, I was thrust into this 5 years ago stemming from a Cease and Desist from Carmen Vicente. Apparently a lawyer that does not know freedom of speech, let alone a posting from a reader. I am well aware I’m not CNN over here, but I have established a small and loyal following over 6 plus years. They know I have done my homework.

I am taking my time with these posts as my due diligence has to be perfect. “Perfect”, in as much as I could not believe what I was seeing in comparison to what Joe Haley says on his calls. THAT is another reason as to why he is being so evasive on his calls to the COA/HOA. He KNOWS that I have friends that send me this information. I told it to him in a post in 2021.

BUT NOW- the cup runneth over. In the past I have chastised owners and families alike for not taking action. I feel Steven my stepson, and Ed had presented MORE than what was needed to proceed, yet nothing did. Organization did not happen, calls were never made, ZOOM meetings were not coming to fruition. BUT NOW in the past 3-4 months I have seen a definitive uptick of people willing, smart, tired of the lies, and READY to go forward.  Bravo to the “Bocas Brigade” that I affectionately refer to them as.  COA/HOA as well as NEW purchasers that will never see their homes built, the time is at hand.

My pieces will be broken down in (3) categorized as:


For those of you back in the states and don’t have the chance to see what is happening on “YOUR” grounds, please advise any friends or otherwise to tune in tomorrow for the first part.

I didn’t want to write a 22 page piece and overwhelm you. This way of rolling it out will be more concise.

Lastly, I have had an issue with my incoming e-mail via my web hoster that has finally been completed. So hopefully communication will be smoother.

Saludos friends. 



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